Sunday, May 20, 2007

Packing or Blogging????

I really should be packing more but I haven't touched the computer since thursday and I really really really wanted to catch up with everyone.

It's been super busy for us, my mother in law came in on thursday morning and left yesterday, yes I know, not long at all but it's better than nothing right???

You remember last year August I broke the news that she had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, well she's been through the treatments and a mastectomy and she's still going strong but through it all she found love again.

My father in law passed away 4 years ago from Cancer and she's been lonely and sad and obviously missing him terribly, but while going through her own battle with cancer she fell in love again and now they're getting married in TWO WEEKS. Yes TWO WEEKS.....that's what we've been busy with the past 3 days, I'm the Matron of Honor, Curt and Chris (my brother in law) are giving her away, Jasmine is the flower girl and Nicholas the ring bearer. We're so excited for her and she's happy as can be.

Here's a picture of the kids with grandma before leaving for the airport:

This of course means that we'll be flying to Texas for the wedding in the middle of packing our house to leave. The next 2 months are going to be extremely busy for us and I'm going to try and keep blogging, but I won't make any promises, my hope is that I can find a way to blog and email while we're getting settled in. Isn't it amazing how obsessed attached we become to the internet and tv.....just the thought of not having them sends me into a frenzy. Sad I know, what can I say, I like technology a bit too much???

I'm not sure what I'll be doing today, I do have more packing to get through but I don't want to, yes you heard right, I DON'T WANT TO....I could stomp my foot and change my voice into a whiny annoying tone, but you get the picture. I'm just going to use the excuse of having to return books to the library so that I don't do anything else LOL
I wonder how long I can stay at the library without causing suspicion or panic in my family?!?!?!?!

I have 3 movies and a mountain of books to return to the library, you may be laughing but I'm not joking, you can't really go by there without coming out with AT LEAST and I use that term very loosely, AT LEAST 10 books.....but we're a family of book lovers so we zip through those real fast.

There's cleaning to do around here and I want to start my Caldo Verde (Portuguese Soup) for dinner, before I do so I will come by and see what my favorite bloggers are up to.

Have a wonderful blessed Sunday,


  1. Hey girl! Just finished the meme up and it's posted! lol Thank you for the update on your MIL! How exciting that she's getting married again and has found love again. I'm sure it's hard to be married for so long and to lose your best friend.
    Caldo verde sounds yummy.

    Packing? Don't you let the packers do it? Luckily our experience with the packer wasn't too bad. Although, next move I'll be more vigilant about what they put together in the same box. lol

    Looking forward to the book!

  2. Congrats to your MIL! How very exciting for her to have found love again!

  3. Congratulations to your Mother in Law!! How neat that she's doing better AND fallen in love again!! :-)

    Your new blog look is cute, by the way!!

  4. you change your blog template a lot! I like it! I used to change mine a lot til Susie made me one and I hate to change it :o(... I'm thinking of making a recipe only one so I can play with that template!
    Hope your day is full of blessings.


  5. I love your new look again. And I'm thrilled for your mother in law how wonderful. To fall in love again.

  6. I love your new template, it's cool. And yikes you do have a lot to do. Congratulations to your MIL. Have you got a nice dress to wear as matron of honour? You'll have to share pics. Did I tell you I've done the places to eat meme?

    Hugs 'n' stuff xx


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