Saturday, September 22, 2007

I'm cold in Arizona!!!!

Yep, you read that right, I said I.AM.COLD.IN.ARIZONA!!!! How's that for an opening statement????

It's been raining and today it's cloudy and I feel chilly, I should be shocked or in disbelief and I mean I am a little, but it reminds me of Idaho so I'm happy. See I'm easily pleased!

I've been bad with updating my blog but in my defense, it's been hard to type with the pain in my wrist. It's doing much better and one of the cysts is completely gone, the bigger one is taking a little longer but that's fine, it's nice to be able to bend my wrist without seeing these huge balls sticking out, it was yucky and I'm sure not very nice to look at LOL

Remember how I told you that usually when I'm not feeling well or in pain is when I get the urge to cook??? It's really something because you would think I would not put myself through that but for some reason I just do, so I was craving some jam and decided to get to work on it. I did!!! I ended up with 5 jars of the yummiest jam I've had in a long time.

The best was Curt and the kid's reactions, I handed them a slice of bread with jam on it and they started eating and ooohing an aaahing, then I casually threw in there "I made it". The chewing stopped and they all looked at me like I had grown a second head, maybe they thought the pain medication for the wrist was getting to my head LOL

There's nothing like making something in your kitchen and getting a big thumbs up!

Right now I have Orange Chicken cooking away in the crockpot, have I told you lately that I love you how much I love my crockpot?

It really does make things so much easier and I know that I'm a stay at home mom, but even we have days that we're not feeling well, or had surgery or are in pain or whatever the case may be, could even be that we just want to spend the day with the family without worrying about sitting in the kitchen fixing a meal. Thank you to the Rival product designer that invented the crockpot back in the 1970' have no idea how much you've helped us all.

It's a lazy day for me, I don't feel like doing anything and we're planning on staying home, watching movies and doing absolutely nothing. Those are usually the best days I think, you forget about the time, there's no schedules to keep, no school and work or appointments, no need to get things done by a certain's just an easy day all around, meals are leftovers or whatever you feel like, you want to nap...go for, play on the computer, play with the kids, whatever, just do it.

So I'm heading out, all I have to do today is run to the library to return movies but come on, who could call that a chore or an errand really??? I love the library so it's a reward for me, I did a great job all week on the house, I reward myself with a couple books...........for me personally there is nothing better than a book, makes me giddy, there's something about opening it up and not knowing what to expect, smelling the pages, feeling the corse paper on your fingertips....yes it's pure heaven!!!


  1. I'll be curious what you think of the Orange Chicken recipe! I made it the other night, but it didn't thicken up well in my Crock Pot so I dumped it all into a sauce pan and finished it on the stove. I thought it was missing something -- maybe a little honey or hot pepper? LMK how your family likes it!

  2. I so know exactly what you mean about books. I'm especially like that with a brand new book. I get a rush knowing I'm the first to crack the binding. The smell, the feel. I described it like that to my hubby one time and he looked at me like I was from outer space or something. LOL! So glad to know someone else get's it.

  3. there is nothing more wonderful than buying or borrowing a new book!!!We all love books alot here.the library is the best.*McKenna loves the puzzles that they have out for the kids* Good job on the jam.Have a great day.

  4. I love that song! Now that I've seen the video it takes on a whole new meaning.

  5. I lovvvve that song....very good. I love anything Reba.

  6. Great song! I agree about the books; I've always loved books and I still think one of the neatest jobs would be to work (or own) a book store. Unpacking all the new books would feel like Christmas every day! Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

  7. That's one of my best rewards for hard work accomplished during the week - books, books, books! New, used, borrowed, whatever! Enjoy your weekend and happy reading!

  8. Hey Sandra! Sorry to hear your wrists are still bothering you.

    I'm right there with you where the books are concerned! I love books. The smell of new books is very refreshing. lol

    I love my crockpot! I made your Orange Thyme Chicken in my crockpot the other day. The sauce was a little on the bitter side and so, I'm glad I tasted it before pouring it on the chicken. I was able to add honey to it and doctor it right up. lol I've recently tried your Chicken Tacos; they were a hit. I also tried the Estofado and that one was a hit too. I'm so glad you do slow cooking thursdays. It's awesome to try new meals and see what the family thinks.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  9. send some of that cold front my way! I'm so tired of this heat!! LOL Tomato Jam sounds interesting, never heard of it before! Glad your family appreciated your efforts!

  10. Yeaaaaa, for feeling cooler! ,-)

    Recipe sounds yummy. I clicked the link to it and was surprised by the name of where you got it. 'Cause I've belonged to a What A Crock blog over in Live Journal, for a long time. :-)


  11. You're cold in AZ? How is that possible?! :)

    We were wearing shorts, t-shirts, and sandals all day long. I can't wait to feel cold again!

  12. I can't wait for the colder weather to come here...we are still sweating and wearing summer clothes!

  13. That tomato jam looks and sounds delicious! It seems like it would be a nice gift to give at Christmas.

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend and the relief from the heat!



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