Monday, September 03, 2007

This and That!!!!

It's been a crazy few days, lots to do and places to go etc.

On Friday I went to the Ophthalmologist for an eye exam, one of the first questions he asked me was how long I had been in Arizona, when I told him almost 2 months he said "that's one of the problems right there". The air in Arizona is so so dry that a lot of people develop eye problems when they move to the state. I have dry eyes which are itchy and burning and red all the time and of course I get that Foreign Body feeling, like something is in my eye but I can't get it out....obviously there's nothing there, it's just the dryness.

He put me on some Lubricant eye drops and did an eye exam, there's a couple little things that he sees that I have going on, nothing that would require glasses already.

One thing he did find was that I have that little grey circle around the cornea, which has small fatty deposits. His next question of course was if there's High Cholesterol in my family.....I had to laugh. It's actually become a joke in the family.........we don't have money or estates or riches to leave as inheritance to anyone, so we leave High Cholesterol and Diabetes. LOL

Now this week I need to go get my Cholesterol tested, chances are I have it. It doesn't bother me at all, I'm not worried or upset or dreading having it, it's just such a normal thing for my family.

Friday of this week I have to go back in and hubby has to drive me because he's going to dilate my pupils so that he can do the more thorough eye exam, which is normal and since I haven't had one in forever, it's time to do it. I'm not looking forward to it, I know it's painless but I hate not being able to see right, so I know it's going to be a challenge for me. Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers that everything is fine with my eyes.


Yesterday we went out and got the kids a swing set, the one we had in Idaho was so old that we just left behind, it wasn't worth bringing to Arizona. I had no idea it was so hard to find a swing set over here. I'm not kidding, we went to Target, to Walmart, to the Bx and we could NOT find swing sets, none of them had them. Finally we just went over to Toys R Us and of course, found it. But that is the one store that is dangerous to our family......hubby and I are become kids in there and at times Jasmine and Nicholas are yelling out "can we please go now?" because we're so busy looking at little toy. LOL

Here they are enjoying their new swing set.

It's a beautiful morning, it's not hot yet, or should I say, SCORCHING hot yet. They had their breakfast and couldn't wait to get out there to enjoy their new toy. See the tree in my yard, it's the perfect kind for climbing and we often have the neighbors kids coming to knock on our door asking if they can climb our tree out that we have the swing set, I'm sure they will all be hanging out at our house after school.

While we were at Walmart looking for the swing sets, we found a bunch of cactus. Of course being in Arizona, everywhere you look you see either the plants or photos or paintings or whatever, everything is Cactus over here and I had no idea there were so many kind until we moved to the State. I know I know, embarrassing to say, but it's true. I picked up 4 to go on my kitchen window sill and I just love looking at them.

I have to tell you, Curt got a phone call on friday letting him know that he's been picked to have an incentive flight on one of the F-16's. He is SO excited. He's been working on these jets for the last 16 years of his life and I think if anyone deserves a ride on one, it's definitely him. Tuesday he has to go in for a physical exam to make sure he's ok to fly and then it should be either the end of this week or next that he goes up. He's taking the camera so I'll be able to share the pictures with you all.

I think I'm actually more excited than he is......can you imagine going up on an F-16????? Boy what a lucky man.


I don't have much planned for today, we're spending the day at home just relaxing and doing whatever we want to. Of course as a mother and wife, I don't really get to sit around, people still have to eat and laundry still has to be done etc. Do we ever really get a break??? We're pretty much on call 24/7 every day of the year.

Let's see, Oh I made Chicken and Sausage Ragu for dinner, it was a new recipe and we loved it. It was sooooooo good, it was also a big hit with the family and the first time in a while that Nicholas has eaten everything on his plate without any bribing, begging or pleading from us.

For dinner tonight I'm making Empadao de Peixe (Fish Shepherd's Pie), and speaking of food, I posted my Menu Plan Monday so you can see what we're eating at the Bourland House.


The kids want to go play outside again and want me to join in, so I'm ending this post. I hope you're all having a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

God Bless,


  1. Happy Labor Day to yo too friend. We are hanging out here today too. Just had lunch and going down for naps.
    I hops your eyes are okay. And I hope the weather gets a little easier for you.

  2. What a fun post to read. It was so full of newsy stuff. I sure hope your eye appointment goes well.

    The cactus plants are rather pretty.

  3. Whoo-hoo for the incentive flight! How fun for your husband! I would absolutely throw-up.

    I do hope your eyes are ok and your cholesterol is normal - at least it's something you have the knowledge to deal with if it's not.

    Swing set looks fun - my kids would love it too!


  4. Sandra,
    I found your blog through a friend...Karolee...I was reading the other day some of your past posts (you have really caught my attention!) and was thinking...Where is this family? That base sure looks familiar. Things like that...

    Then I see today, no wonder! I am from Arizona! I was born and raised and lived not too far away from where you are!!!

    So here I am in Montana, meet a friend that moved here from somewhere else, that has a blog that shared with me that lead to you all the way back home!

    I love the internet!

    Take care and keep up your inspiring posts. I LOVE THEM! and Crock Pot Thursdays too!

  5. Yay for swing sets. I remember it was a favorite thing from my childhood and my kids grew up with one too!

    How exciting for your hubby.

  6. Hello Sandra dearie. I have itchy eyes too, but it's damp here! Swing set looks good, our kiddies love theirs!
    Love n' hugs Sarah

  7. Our swing set was one of the best things we ever bought for the kids. It has brought hours of fun for them and many many friends!

  8. I'm sure your kids love the new swing set and will make a lot of new friends! When we moved, we took our swing set with us. My 18 and 15 year old still use it - they go out with their MP3's and just hang out there!

    By the way, I made your blender pie recipe this weekend. I thought it was delicious. It tasted a lot like custard to me. How simple and yet, delicious!

  9. Wow - you had so much to tell us today. First - I'm sorry about your eyes. Itchy eyes are really annoying! I hope the exam goes well. The swing set looks nice and I'm sure the kids will use it lots. My husband and son are big plane buffs and would be really jealous of your husbands upcoming flight. Good for him! We'll be looking forward to pictures.

  10. Oh itchy eyes are no fun.good luck on the exam.looks like the kids are loving the swing set.congrats on the flight.;=) thanks for posting the recipe..have a great week..

  11. I just found you and love you already! I put a link on my blog for your fullbellies- hope you don't mind! God bless you!

  12. Praying that all is well with your eyes when you go for the follow up appt. How exciting for Curt to get that incentive flight!

  13. Thanks so much for taking the time to post your recipes. I use them often and they are always a hit in my house. I'll be making the chicken and sausage ragu this week. Something new for school starting this week. Hope your eyes get better.

  14. An incentive flight!!! How cool is that!

    The Chicken and Saugage Ragu looks de-lish! I'll have to give it a try.

    Hope all is well with your eyes and that your cholesterol will be normal.

    The kid's swing set looks great!!! Olyvia loves the kiddy swings at the park!


    Oh, your cacti are soo cute!!!

  15. I bought those catus --- the two with flowers are a trick - look closely - the flowers are glued on.
    I was SOOO annoyed.

    Love the swingset --

    Longtime lurker

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