Friday, September 07, 2007

One of the perks of being a Crew Chief!!!!

Well Curt got to do something yesterday that a lot of people (including me) only dream of. He was taken up on an F-16 for a ride. He came home and the smile on his face was just unbelievable, he said it was BY FAR the best thing he has ever done in his life and something he will never forget.

Of course he also said he will never do it again because he threw up twice LOL
He said he thought he was going to die during the flight, he's never felt so sick and so out of it as he did. Apparently they pulled 4 G's and did all these turns and max climbs etc. I'm so jealous but I doubt I would ever have the nerve to go on one of these myself.

So here are the pictures and there's quite a few so you may want to grab some coffee and get settled in.

Curt and the Pilot before the flight.

Curtis all decked out and ready to go..........he looks like a pilot himself LOL

On the runway before taking off

Pic taken from the Jet....isn't that beautiful??? See the other jet in the distance, that was also taking another guy on a ride.

Another view

And here he is AFTER the ride...........does he look a little green??? LMAO


I don't have much time to write this morning, here shortly I have an appointment at the eye doctor, he's going to be doing that pupil dilating thingamagig and I just hate people messing with my eyes so I'm not looking forward to it LOL

Anything to do with eyes freaks me out for some reason.

Yesterday for dinner I made spaghetti but I tried a new recipe in the slow cooker for Meat Sauce. It was a huge hit and everyone enjoyed it and the scent it left in the house all day long was just heavenly. I've posted the recipe for you at my food blog.

I wish I could stay longer but I have to get ready for my appointment. Wish me luck, hopefully I won't be seeing all weird for too long afterwards LOL

God Bless,


  1. Love the pictures.....Scott never got to ride in one but in the mornings driving to work next to the runway was like something off Top Gun....I'm glad he got to do it....and keep us posted on your eyes...

  2. Boy, Rob would love this, too. But me? Uhm. No thanks. LOL

    Yeah, he does look a little green but he's still smiling and giving everyone the thumbs up, so it looks like he survived. :-)

  3. Very cool pictures- I bet that was a neat experience. I'm sure I would have been sick too!
    Hoping your eye appointment goes well.


  4. What an exciting thing to get to do. I would never do it, either, because I literally get sick swinging. I like that he was able to give the thumb's up even though he was green! Hope your eyes are OK and get better soon.

  5. I hate those dilated exams too. Hope yours goes well. Yeah for Curt. That's a great opportunity. I wouldn't have the guts for it!

  6. man, there is no way i could do that..i would be sick for days..

  7. That's amazing! I've always thought it would be so cool to ride in one of those.

  8. Sandra, love what you did to your blog, it looks different. Your pictures are great of your husband, thanks for sharing...and your eyes, my dear...hope your doing well!! I am the same way...never did like my mom or dad putting eye drops in my eyes when i was little. Still scares me till this day. So, you are in my prayers, and until then...i have my eye on you...LOL!!! (i couldn't resist that...LOL!!"

    Have a great weekend,

  9. what a great experience for Curt! Although that is something I have no desire to do! LOL I get sick just going up in a regular commercial flight :)

    Hope the appt at the eye dr went ok!

  10. Hi Sandra.
    Hope your eyes are feeling normal this evening!

  11. What a great experience!The pictures are awesome. I am so happy for him - my husband would LOVE to do that. I can't even entertain the thought without feeling sick!

    Hope that the eye appt. was smooth and easy for you! I hate having my eyes dilated as well. On one occasion I forgot to bring sunglasses and I had to drive myself home! I wear sunglasses on cloudy days - that's how sensitive my eyes are normally. It was pure torture! Glad that your husband was able to be there for you.

  12. In an F-16!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh wow, I am so *jealous*! Sure I'd barf all over. But it would be worth it!!!!!!

    Best of luck with the eye exam. Oh but Hon, none of that stuff they do, is awful. It's very, very quick these days. :-) Honest!

    P.S. You ARE gonna' blow that 'after' shot up and have it framed, aren't you?!? You *must*! >,-)

  13. Hi Sandra,
    This is too funny. Yes he does look green.At least he matches the uniform. LOL :)


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