Friday, September 28, 2007

What in the heck is this world coming to????????

I'm so angry and frustrated and heartbroken.

Jasmine came home from school yesterday crying her eyes out, when I sat down to talk to her and find out what the problem was she told me her best friend said she didn't want to be her friend anymore...........ok...........I know it's upsetting but it's part of life and something we all go through, but through my comforting her she just seemed to get more and more upset and finally told me that another girl from third grade had come and taken her best friend from her and right after her friend told her this, this other girl told Jasmine that if she ever came near her friend again she would "KILL HER". I'm sorry but WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?

Apparently this has been going on for weeks, this girl has been terrorizing Jasmine, threatening to punch her and give her "a black eye" and yesterday just upped the terror to saying she would kill her. I don't take things like this lightly and when your 8 year old child is crying unconsolably and saying over and over "this is the worst day of my life".........SOMETHING needs to be done.

Even worse is that there were other kids around who witnessed it and went straight to the teacher to tell her what had happened, only to be told "she gets a freebie"

Curt and I were livid and within 10 minutes he had gone to the school, told them what had been happening and removed Jasmine from the school.

Here was a child who absolutely loves school and would often get mad if she was sick and couldn't go, and now she's begging to be homeschooled and not be forced to go back. It's really heartbreaking and as a parenting it's hard to deal with the fact that you send your children off in the morning and thinking everything is fine, only to find out they've been treated this way. It disgusts me and infuriates me.

We have instilled very strong values and morals in Jasmine and she knows how to be with other kids, she knows that bullying is unacceptable and knows to be fair and nice to everyone around her. So to hear a child like this say to you "I don't deserve to be treated this way" tears at my heart strings.

Curt talked to the principal this morning and the girl has been dealt with, she tried to deny saying it but there were witnesses and the vice principal himself says he doesn't believe that she didn't say it, so she's been suspended for a day and told that if she ever threatens or talks to Jasmine or anyone else in that way she will be expelled NO.QUESTIONS.ASKED.

So she's back to school on monday, the want her to return and will talk to her and the others and get this sorted out completely. I just ask that you keep her in your prayers, she's still really upset and shaken and this really got to her, she's being brave and willing to return to school but she's scared and worried and she knows that if it ever happens again she will be removed for good and will be homeschooled.

Here's my issue..........we all know that kids can be mean and brutal at times but for an 8 year old to go around threatening to kill people, that is NOT normal and with things nowadays in schools this should not be taken lightly. Please, if you have little ones and they tell you they're not liking school or other kids don't want to play with them.....TALK and TALK some more, if I hadn't pushed Jasmine yesterday we never would have found out that this had been going on for a couple weeks now.


On to other things, Susanne tagged me for the middle name meme and I thought I hadn't done it yet, but turns out I did a couple weeks ago, so I'm giving you the link to it, right here.

Curt had the week off and it was great having him home, I'm going to miss him when he returns to work next week, but such is life right???

I'm almost done with my first book in the Reading Challenge, I'm truly enjoying the Tucker Mills Trilogy from Lori Wick, I have yet to find one of her books that I don't like.

I had so much to tell you all and I just seem to be drawing a blank so I'm going to leave it at this, if I try to fill it up with stuff it will just come off as nonsense LOL

Hope you all have a great friday!


  1. Oh honey -- there is NOTHING worse in this world than seeing your child hurting! I can't stand it when one of my kids has something happen to him in school

    Jake was repeatedly punched in the stomach a couple of years ago (2nd grade). The boy is now his best friend.

    Jennah had sticks thrown at her by a boy and was called names. I was about to bulldoze his father when I heard that the dad made the little boy apologize and he has since left her alone.

    I am a good Christian woman, but when it comes to my kids, I am one MEAN MOTHER BEAR.

    Jake was knocked down on the soccer field last night by a big girl and I thought he was hurt and I just saw red! Thankfully he jumped right up and was just embarrassed.

    I'm just trying to say that I KNOW THAT FEELING -- and you'll both be in my prayers!


  2. I'm so sorry your daughter is going through this. My child, like yours loved school, she is 13 and in 8th grade and was being bullied Se(x)ually by a boy. That boy is now on total restriction and has to be supervised at all times. He cannot even go to the bathroom at school without an adult present. Stay strong on your morals, make the school check in with you daily, ask your daughter daily how things are at school. Make sure she knows she did nothing wrong and by speaking out she is saving another child from being bullied too. That teacher should be talked to as well and she should apologize to your daughter. That whole freebie deal is bull. I'll keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Poor Jasmine, I'm so glad you were able to talk to her and get things worked out.
    I remember a boy threatening me, I changed schools because of it.
    My daughter was threatened by a girl's boyfriend in junior high and my son was threatened on the bus.
    Scary thing is that a couple of years ago, Amanda was visiting a friend in our town and they were hanging out in the front yard, there were two boys down the street who had been best friends. They got into an argument and one boy walked in the house, got a huge gun, and shot his best friend in the back. He went in and left him laying in the driveway to die.
    I since have learned to take kids more seriously.

  4. Bless her heart ~

    You could always homeschool (:

  5. Oh, that makes me so mad, Sandra! Poor Jasmine! I agree, that is not acceptable and I'm glad you and Curt let the school know you were not going to put up with it!!

    I will say a prayer that Jasmine is feeling better soon and that the situation is resolved this coming Monday.

    Here are some (((hugs)))) for the both of you!

  6. Oh my! Poor thing. I'm literally crying as I read this. I ask the same thing. What is this world coming to when innocent children are threatening each other in this way. I'm glad the school is taking care of it though but I'd check up on it for sure. Which I know will!! These are some of the reason's I'm homeschooling Allison. The other day there was a shooting on the block of where she WOULD be going to school & they put the school on a lock down. Which was good except for the fact there were 100's of rumors & parents trying to find out about their children & noone would even pick up the phone or let them near the school. I was so thankful Alli was right here with me. If anything like that happened & I couldn't get my babies OHhhh watch out for this momma!!! LOL!!
    You all are for sure in my prayers! Hope you have a wonderful weekend♥maelrl

  7. Don't know what the maelrl is LOL!

  8. Sandra,
    My heart just breaks for you and Jasmine. It's one thing to be in pain yourself it's completely another to see your child suffering. It just infuriates me when kids treat each other like this and you're right- that's not normal for an 8 year old to say that to another. Makes you wonder what her home life is like.
    I'll be praying for both of you Monday. I'm sure it's going to feel like an eternity for both of you to make it through the day!

  9. I can't recommend hs'ing enough. We always have and my oldest is 15. It's a wonderful way of family life. :)

  10. I can't recommend hs'ing enough. We always have and my oldest is 15. It's a wonderful way of family life. :)

  11. We are just speechless.Hugs to Jasmine & her parents.That is just unbeliveable :(
    The Teacher needs to be fired.And the child's parents need to talked to!!Saying prayers for all of you.

  12. Sandra, my heart just breaks for Jasmine and I can certainly understand how angry you and Curt were. You didn't say but has this teacher also been confronted by the principal for her reaction when the kids told her what was going on? I certainly hope so.

    Praying for Jasmine as she goes back on Monday. Bless her heart.

  13. That is so horrible! I am glad that she was able to tell you.

  14. I think this happened because children are true. If that girl was an adult she would pretend she was a nice girl. But because she is a litle girl she showed her true colours. People are going worse and worse, adult and children, but we can never give up.
    Most people is not nice at all and your girl now knows it and is better prepared to defend herself.
    Justice was made and the other was punished. She will learn too. Next time she wants to be evil with your girl, she will think twice.

  15. I feel so bad for your daughter. I was bullied in the 4th grade, I had my arm broken and was locked in a locker for about an hour. The kids were "talked to" but unfortunately the talking did not change their hearts and the bullying continued till my dad was transfered and we moved. It was an awful way to have to live.

    We homeschool our daughter, not because she was bullied, but because it is such a wonderful way to raise a family. You aer such a good mom, you would absolutely LOVE it!


  16. Sandra - my daughter and I have sooo been there. Communication is the key. She can get through anything with the support of her family - keep talking and keep her talking. You did the right thing and you are right to be astonished at this behaviour - it is astonishing! Praying for peace for your family this weekend.

  17. GOOD GRIEF!!!! I am livid, and I'm not even a relative or near you guys or really know you.

    And please, sometime you must find the time to explain what the h that teacher meant when she said; "she gets a freebie". Whattttt? Does that mean the mean brat has a hard home life and is allowed to take it out on kids in school or something????

    I'm referring to this... "went straight to the teacher to tell her what had happened, only to be told "she gets a freebie"


    All good thoughts and wishes to all of you, in this weird situation.


  18. I'm not sure what parents teach their children any more but I don't think its always "Love thy neighbor as thy self". I'm so sorry your lil' munchkin had to deal with that.

  19. "THIS ABSOLUTELY BREAKS MY HEART!!" I am so very sorry, and your little girl is in my prayers...i have a 5year old son, soon to be 6. He goes to public school, and this sort of thing worries me to death....pray for all schools, and PARENTS...that they will start PARENTING, instead of trying to be passive...and be their child's best friend instead.

    "Have a Lovely Weekend,"

  20. Kids ca be so darn mean. I'm so sorry Jasmine has had to experience this already. Expected in highschool. I'm glad it has been taken care of.......and as a parent it is so hard to handle these things.....hugs to you.

  21. OMG! Im so sorry this is happening.
    I will keep her in my prayers. and Im glad yall getting ot strighten out.
    hugs tasha

  22. Your sweet girl DOESN'T deserve to be treated that way - that's HORRIBLE!

    I'm glad she's willing to return to school and give it another try.

    (((((HUGS))))) to you and Jasmine!

  23. There is nothing worse to a parent as to when there child is hurt. If only we could take the pain for them but we can't. I cannot believe how terrible that was. I do not understand how kids can be so mean. I do wonder what kind of home that girl comes from and what she hears. I think music and video games have something to do with it also.
    We'll keep you in our prayers for a good day on Monday.

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  25. Oh, Sandra. I am so very sorry. It is so hard to see our children hurting. I have a nephew who is 13, in middle school, has ADHD and Asberger's (a mild form out autism) and he is just teased incessently. My brother (his dad) and my SIL are both teachers and they deal with this stuff daily in their classrooms. Heartwrenching.... I will be praying for you all.

  26. My daughter's 10 and so I totally understand...girls can be just plain mean. I would have freaked out too if someone said something like that to her. I think you did the right thing. Hang in there and hugs to Jasmine.


  27. You know, this is so common, and my heart breaks for you. I blame it on TV, honestly, (although we do watch TV in our home) and of course, parents allowing children to be exposed to such dramatic language etc. You guys will survive this, but it always hurts to see our kids' innocence or joy (in this case, a very wonderful perspective on going to school before the incidents) get shattered so violently. God bless you all. I literally felt twisted up for you in compassion.

  28. oh I'm so sorry to hear what Jasmine has been going through! How awful, and to start this early in the 3rd grade like that! What did the teacher mean about a 'freebie'? That the girl had a free pass to something like that!? I hope the teacher was counseled on the proper way to handle that situation! I'm glad there were other witnesses and that they did suspend the girl, even if only for a day, I hope her parents realize what is going on and have talked to her about that behaviour. It's sad what is happening in the schools. I hope this siutation has been resolved for good! Give Jasmine a hug from us!

  29. Sandra - I am so sorry you are going through this. It is the hardest thing to deal with as a Mom and I know you are just hurting for Jasmine. I'll be praying that she has a good week and finds some really good friends. Tell her we are praying for her.

  30. How terrible! I'm sorry that Jasmine had to experience something like that. What a huge worry and burden she's had to carry. That's good the truth came out and can be dealt with. I'll be praying that her week goes well.
    Hope your week goes well, too, Sandra

    PS. I see I was tagged for the middle name meme! I'll be doing that soon! :)

  31. Hi Sandra,
    Yes you are right . We have to take kids serious in these times. We had a 12 year old girl here this week take a gun to school to kill her teacher she didn't like.
    Miss Candi encountered her first bullie this week too. Her daddy had to pick her to protect her.
    I will pray for you and your dd.

  32. My daughter is in 5th grade now, but in 3 & 4th she was non-stop being bullied by a boy the same age but bigger. He threatened to get his brothers gun & kill her last year during recess. He was suspended for 2 days. He has called her names, threatened her, punched her, strangled her, broken her things, thrown out her things, etc. The list goes on. My daughter would actually throw up almost every night because she was so afraid of him. The school barely did anything even though they technically worked with me throughout the year least year. He'd get pulled out of recess for a few weeks & just put right back in. He also terrorized at the very least 100 other kids in the same grade & the grades 1 up or down from him. I have heard countless horror stories about this boy, he even had to ride his own bus by himself! This year the school became bully free & they gave this boy many privileges like being in charge of getting kindergarten kids to the bus (that he isn't allowed to ride) & even working in the office. It is crazy! Im so sorry your daughter is going through this. We have really struggled with this boy, but I think a girl bully would be worse for girls. Good luck in dealing with this. Stay in contact with the school & if possible try & volunteer just so you have an "in" at the school.

  33. Will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.


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