Sunday, September 09, 2007

Rawhide Western Town and Steakhouse!!!

After trying to figure out what to do yesterday, we decided to just get in the car and head to some much anticipated Western Fun. What a blast it was!!!

We did end up spending money but it was well worth the fun and let me tell you, we WILL be back pretty soon.

So I come bearing pictures and stories, settle in you won't want to miss it, especially the highlight of the day when I realized I had been munching on something so yummy, only to find out it was Rattlesnake!!!! Go ahead and get nauseous if you will, it was delicious but the minute I found out what it was, I think I went a little green around the gills LOL

Welcome to Rawhide Western Town and Steakhouse!!!!

Enjoy the town and all Rawhide has to offer from the world renowned Steakhouse & Saloon to our unique shops and a variety of attractions. We look forward to welcoming you to our 1880's western town full of fun, good eatin', great shopping, and a true taste of the old west you'll not find anywhere else in Arizona. Rawhide is the perfect place to visit whether you are local, from out of town, or out of the country. Bring your family and friends, or bring out of town guests to experience a taste of life in the old west! We know you'll be hankerin' to return time and again!

When you first walk into the town on your right are a couple of Wagons ready for the Saturday Night Cookout's.
Come and experience the desert under the stars. Catch a mule-drawn hay wagon into the desert and dine chuck wagon style. Enjoy three hours of fun with live country music, line dancing, tales of the Old West, stunt shows, a magic show, marshmallow roast, and much more fun! Menu includes USDA Choice mesquite-grilled steaks, BBQ pork ribs or mouth-waterin' BBQ chicken with all the fixins'.
Sundown Cookout Wagons at sunset!

The General Store
Jasmine and Nicholas in a Wagon

It's just like stepping back in time to the 1880's, there's cowboys walking around swinging their guns and shooting and ladies in the old western dress attire.

Nicholas was fascinated with the cowboys, we bought him his own play gun and holster and he had the best time.

A fifth generation working blacksmith who bends iron and forges creations in metal right before your eyes! Offering decorative and personalized branding irons, signs, home and barn décor, and items for the cowpoke and cityslicker alike.

The kids were eager to try out the different attractions, so the first stop was the horse ride. Jasmine has been on horses before so she was fine, Nicholas on the other hand was scared and looked a little hesitant.

Here's a short video:

After the horse ride came the train ride, it's called the Desert Train and it takes you around the outskirts of the main street.

There was just so much to see and so many things to do, we had to wait until nighttime to go on the Stage Coach Ride, so we didn't really see much at all, but it was still fun.

We walked into the stores and picked up some souvenirs, tried the Petting Zoo but also had to wait until night because there were so many people. In the meantime the kids got on a few rides and we also got some coins.

You not tired yet???????????? I know I'm sharing a lot of pictures and videos but in my defense, I just couldn't help but take as many as I could.

We're almost done, because we ended off the night with dinner at the Rawhide Steakhouse and Saloon. We had the special of the day which included a huge steak cooked in whiskey, the best mashed potatoes ever, fresh vegetables, cowboy beans, cornbread and then the fried yummy stuff that I later found out was actual rattlesnake LOL

Best part?????? From now until the end of September, two kids eat free from the children's menu with each paid adult entrée. So Jasmine and Nicholas ate for free. Now you can't beat that!!!

There's a dance floor and a live band and it's just such a wonderful atmosphere.

And with that we waved goodbye to the wonderful Rawhide Western Town with the promise of returning soon, VERY soon to actually watch one of the RAWHIDE ROUGHRIDERS shows.

The roughest, toughest, stunt show around with an entirely new look. These boys are the real reason the West was wild! Witness gunfights, explosions, daring falls, and all the antics of the cowboy characters.


  1. Lol rattlesnake?? OOh-err.

  2. im glad yall had a great time!

  3. Hooray you found something fun there to do. You sound so happy. I'm so glad you all had a wonderful time. Somewhere you know the whole family can go and have a fun time.....rattlesnake? Yuck.

  4. Sounds like so much fun- when we went to S. Dakota this summer there were similar chuck wagon dinners. We didn't go now I wish we had- looks like a great time!

  5. This looks like so much fun! I can see you all had a great time.

  6. glad you all had a great time..
    rattle snake, wow, wont even go

  7. What an adventure! Rattlesnake? Really???

  8. Looks like fun, enjoyed the video of them riding the horses. Glad y'all found some fun things to do around there and some place you might want to go back!

  9. Looks like ya'll had a great time!


  10. That's sounds like a blast!! I love it when I find places/things to do that the whole family enjoys. The pictures were fantastic!

    That whole rattlesnake stomach lurched.


  11. I'm glad you could spend the day together doing something fun like that. The kids will always remember that - but the rattlesnake - Don't think I'll be putting that on my menu!


    I am so impressed that you went! Way to go and the kids look like they had a blast too!!!

    I am inviting you and everyone else to come on over to my blog to enter my VERY FIRST CONTEST! I am giving away Home & Garden Party candles!!!


  13. Glad to hear you all had a wonderful time!

  14. so glad you all found someplace fun to go! We've been to a couple places that sound similar to that. The one in CO was the Flying W Ranch and the one here is the Flying J Ranch (or something like that!) They have little "towns" and then a cowboy dinner w/a show.

  15. We have a place not far from h ere that looks just like that! Because you know there isn't anything more "western" than Michigan. ha ha

    Your book series looks really good. I'm going to check into them!


  16. Sounds like great fun! We live in cowboy country here in Canada and I don't think we have anything like that. Someone ought to start one around here. :v)


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