Saturday, November 1, 2008

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Candy, Costumes, Children and a Crazy question!

What a night we had. It started with the fact that Curt is working swing shift and his work had given an hour to come home and take the kids trick or treating. Well, this is the military and we already know not to ever expect plans to be set in stone, 99% of the time, they change....and last night was no different, after waiting until around 7:30pm, we found out that he wouldn't be able to come home because one of the jets was broken.

The kids were extremely disappointed but I explained that daddy wanted to be home with them too and he was sad that he couldn't and that I would take them trick or treating alone. Before we set out, we handed out candy and it was a blast watching the cute costumes and the little kids. You could tell which ones were doing it for the first time because they had the whole confused, amused, scared, excited emotions written on their faces. There were the ones that walked right by you to the candy bucket and helped themselves, even though you were standing there with the candy in your hand LOL

Then there was the little boy who refused to come up to us, he kept saying that I was scaring him. "That lady is scary"..... and here's the kicker....I wasn't even dressed up as anything. *shakes head*
How's THAT for a self esteem booster LOL

Go ahead and laugh, my husband and kids did.

And not 30 minutes later I had another little boy, about 6 or 7, ask me what I was supposed to be. Again people, I did NOT dress up. I was in jeans, tank top and flip flops. So I answered "I'm a frazzled mommy". He seemed to accept that explanation and moved on. Honestly, I wonder if it was the lighting or what, but something was making me scary to the kids LOL

I took the kids around for about an hour and half and by that time they were both tired and ready to come home. Again another Halloween comes and goes, such a huge build up, so much anticipation for weeks and months on end and within a few hours it's over and done with. Is it bad that I've already removed my decorations? I'm like that, I don't leave stuff up for a while, as soon as the holiday is over everything comes down LOL

Here's some pictures, not many, taking photographs at night is frustrating and not to mention blinding to those around, nothing like a dark street and then a bright flash in your face.


  1. LOL sorry but I did have a laugh about you scaring all the poor kiddies :)
    Those are great pic's even if it was dark.

  2. I love your stories - It's great to be able to laugh at yourself!
    PS - I don't think you're scary!

  3. The kids look amazing in their costumes. Unfortunately I do understand that 99% of the time. I remember all too well how flexible we had to remain because the Army changed our plans and minds for us soooooooooooo often. I admit I laughed too, but at east I was laughing with you. It happened to me too last night.

  4. What great pictures! Looks like they had fun as did McKenna ;-) Lol at how you were scary..

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your night ;D Loved reading about it! Your babies are just adorable!! So so adorable!

  6. That's GREAT!!!!!! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time. We actually spent too much time handing out candy. By the time we were ready to head out (7:30pm) everyone started shutting their lights out so we only got maybe 5 houses, luckily the girls (ages 12 months and 16 months) were young enough to NOT notice, lol. It was fun though.

  7. Hilarious !! I was laughing reading about the kids being scared ! I'm glad that your self esteem is good enough that you can share about it here !! :)

    Love the costumes. That last photo is a great one.

  8. Hilarious - but i don't think you are scary at all, Sandra!
    Your kids look wonderful!

  9. Nice! Great costumes! Happy Halloween!

  10. They look adorable. Miller wouldnt even wear his costume....i was the frazzled

  11. Great costumes! And, I'm so happy to hear that I'm not the only one that says "I'm frazzled" because I've been accused of making that word up LOL. And, kids will be kids---you don't come off as scary at all!

  12. I'm taking my decorations down this weekend too. I'm so over Halloween...

  13. Oh how funny that little child thought you were scary. LOL

    I think Superman wins the prize for most often seen costume - even my little Cameron was Superman this year!

    Cute, cute costumes, Sandra. I'll bet your husband just hated that he couldn't come home to share all the fun.

  14. The funniest little kids are the ones who walk right into your house! Their parents are so embarrassed!

    Superman was a big hit this year! CLB, his little friend and my nephew were also superman. Oh,and the baby was for a bit too.

    Your kids look really cute!

  15. LOL - too funny! Dont feel bad - ppl give me that look that says they think im scary all the time, even when its not halloween. guess i blend in better on that day.
    Your kids are so cute!
    That sucks your dh wasnt able to come home. I know how that is. I'm over the whole Halloween thing now that my kids are older.

  16. Love that the kids thought you were scary! The pics of the kids are cute! I know what you mean about taking pics in the dark! Sorry your husband wasn't able to join you.

  17. I haven't been by for awhile but that is funny about the kids being scared of you. Maybe it was just the night and they expected to be scared by anyone and any thing. LOL
    We don't get any kids we live on a dark dirt road, I kinda miss that part.

  18. Hi sandra,
    How funny. You always make me laugh with her adventures.

  19. I found your blog from Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom. I really like your blog:) Boy do the recipe pictures on your blog look appetizing! LOL I had to laugh at your story about how the kids thought you were dressed up;) LOL Your decorations look great!

  20. I didn't wear a costume for Halloween either. :)

    Love the pictures of your kids in their costumes. They're very cute!

    So, I’m stopping by to let you know that I’m hosting the Holiday Cooking, Blogger Style recipe exchange again this year, on 7 November. I hope you can join me and if you’re willing to help me spread the news, I’m offering a giveaway as well!

  21. I didn't wear a costume this year, but I worked harder on the candies, I made some scary sticks with marshmallow candies, and the kids loved it... yes, kids go trick or treating here :-) Beijos!

  22. That's awesome about your "costume"!

    My kids have always had a bit of an ambivalence about Hallowe'en. Both of them hate being scared, and sometimes neighbours would play scary music, etc. And all the little toddlers would start crying. Very neighbourly.

    Up here in Canada, too, keeping them warm is always a challenge! I remember the year Katie was a fairy princess with a ballet tutu, a wand, a tiara, and a white turtleneck, pink sweater, and two pairs of skating tights!

    You do what you have to do.

    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  23. Cute costumes, your kids are getting so big!

  24. OK I cant help but laugh!! Same thing could happen to me tho! LOL

  25. Love the pictures.

    I am sure I looked pretty bad in my hoody I was wearing on Halloween. LOL

    I hope you are all doing well.

  26. Awesome story and great pics too....... those costumes r the best :)

  27. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Several people asked me what I was - mty son was Harry so one person enthusiastically said, "Oh it's Harry Potter and Professor MacGonicle. I wasn't dressed up,. I had on jeans and a orange turtleneck sweater with a heavy brown sweater jacket. I thought - does she think my clothes look weird?


  28. they look great in their costumes!


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