Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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New Knitter in the house and Tips on Tuesday!

And oh does that make me happy. Jasmine has taken to knitting like a fish to water, she loves it and is doing very well already. Ok...yes, she does have her occasional meltdowns over dropped stitches or a thread that is too loose, but for the most part she's doing very well.


And while Jasmine is into knitting, Nicholas is into drawing, he's been going crazy with crayons and paper. I think the Crayon Roll is going to be a huge hit with the kids :)


As for me, well the Christmas season has kicked into high gear, for the next few days I'm going to be completely immersed in sewing and embroidering, I have to finish the Advent Calendar, no matter what.


So if you need me for anything, I'll be near the white felt, somewhere underneath red buttons and green floss. You'll find me, I'll be the frazzled looking one.

I have to thank you all so much for the great ideas you continue to bring in for the homemade gifts, you don't know how much I appreciate it. I'm so excited to be doing this and it makes me feel good knowing that whatever I give my family will be made with love BY me.

I'm still looking for more and I will share what I find as I go, this way if anyone is looking to make gifts too, you may just find what you're looking for. One great link that was left for me in the comments section was this one.....gifts for men. THANK YOU Anonymous, wish I knew your name :)

A couple of things jumped out at me, this first one would be great for an avid TV watcher, which is not my husband. He loves movies but he doesn't really have time to sit down and watch anything with his work schedule, but I still think this is just awesome.

A Remote Pillow...and look at that, you can even use their favorite sports team for the fabric. If you want the pattern, you can download it here, thanks to Julie-Bird.

If you're looking for cute and fun holiday tags and stickers for your gifts, then look no further than A Print a Day...they're free to download thanks to Yasmine.

One of my favorite craft blogs is Bella Dia and last year she came up with an Activity a Day for the kids using the Advent Calendar. She had the coolest, neatest ideas on there so I'm giving you the link because I for one am planning to use most of them myself and maybe change some up to things that work for us.

I'm also planning to make some of these for the kids, aren't they just the cutest?


Here's the pattern for you if you want to give it a go too. They're pretty quick to knit and simple, I'm sure I can handle it *snicker*

If you want ideas for wee little ones in the family, take a look at this list.

So there you go, there's some stuff for you to look through, I will have to go through all those links again and browse for more gift ideas for myself. For now though, I have advent pockets needing my attention and lots of knitting in between.

I hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday, and no I didn't forget the Tips on Tuesday....I'll just add it to this post so I don't have to make a separate one.

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Do you have a tip on cooking, cleaning, homemaking, kids, marriage, travel or anything that you would love to share? Feel free to join in!

Here's some tips for gift giving on Christmas, if you're buying that is:

  • Keep a small notebook with details about friends and family so you can pick out gifts for them whenever you pass a clearance aisle or a sale rack.
  • Stores are packed this time of year with buy-one-get-one-free offers and seasonal sales. Take advantage of them to stock up on gifts. Then create a gift closet filled with your loot.
  • If your credit card has a rewards-points program, check how many you've earned. Sometimes you can redeem them for gift certificates or magazine subscriptions that you can give as gifts. If you have your own gift cards, try giftcardbuyback.com to exchange them for cash to buy presents.
  • Give gifts as a group, or for a group. Pitch in on a season pass to an amusement park to be split among all your friends, or join your siblings in sending your parents to a nice restaurant.
  • Make a personal coupon book with certificates that can be redeemed for free baby-sitting, car washes, a home-cooked meal or yard work.
  • A secondhand, “gently used” gift can be just as valuable as a new present. Give antiques or family heirlooms to younger generations, or visit garage sales for steep discounts on everything from books and DVDs to clothes.
  • At consignment stores or thrift shops, or even businesses like Play It Again Sports, you can trade in items you no longer need for cash or store credit while picking up good deals.
  • If you’re really up against the wall, trawl sites like Freecycle or Craiglist for items that people are giving away. Something might be a good fit for a buddy or relative.
  • Looking for good deals online? Try sites like Slickdeals.net, MyBargainBuddy.com and FatWallet.com, which compile coupons, discounts and other bargains around the Internet.


  1. Thanks for the post! I need to work with my little girl more on sewing/crocheting. Maybe she will really love it and can be our family seamstress since I tend to take my sewing machine out only on rare occasions! Love to crochet, though.

  2. How Wonderful That Jasmine is knitting! I may just have to start! I love the links for men ( Rob would fall over laughing at the duct tape wallet!!!) I'll have to think about it.LOL.McKenna too is into colouring alot these days.

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  5. Obrigada por todas as tuas sugestões Sandra. Também estou numa de poupar e fazer as prendas em casa, embora não seja naad dotada para tricot e crochet. Vou ter de me dedicar mais à culinária!!! Não tinha lido o teu «post» quando escrevi o meu sobre a água mas penso que também se pode encaixar aqui.

  6. How great that Jasmine is knitting too. I've always wished I knew how to knit!

  7. That is so great that Jasmine has taken to knitting. Like mother, like daughter!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Tell Jasmine I'm proud of her.. I can tell she's doing a great job.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your lovely family.

  9. Glad you liked the link for the guys. I didn't realize i posted anon...

  10. Thanx for the sights to go to for new ideas. I'm going to fight Brianna for computer time. I think she would enjoy them too. thank you....Kae

  11. wow, she is doing great..Maybe she can give me some lessons..
    i want to learn to knit baby hats..Iam going to get some round needles and learn to use them so i can hope one day do the baby hats..

  12. I think it's great that Jasmine is learning to knit. She'll be just as talented as you! I love the things you are making!

  13. Did you get your hair cut??? You are looking good girl! Your crafts are darling, love your knitter and drawing artist (and his guardian pug:), thanks for the links, and have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!

  14. You are amazing with the crafts!

    My Christmas gifts are nothing as amazing as that--I'm just making calendars, tee shirts and maybe a book on Shutterfly w/ pics for my in-laws & family--my mom & SIL both regularly read my blog, so I can't just say what I'm making.

    I want to learn to knit.

  15. I cannot wait till Sydney shows some interest in knitting or any kind of crafting. Thats so wonderful for Jasmine. Last night Scottie found the dinosaur coin that she gave him way back in 1st grade. He was going over all his memories of her. It was precious. Tell her hi for him. Your kids have gotten so big. I still picture Nicholas and Syd running around the Kindergarten area together..

  16. I love your homemade gift ideas. I wish I had more time to do some of them! Thanks for inspiring me! The photos of the kids at the top are so cute. Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

  17. That's great that Jasmine is learning to knit at such a young age, imagine what she will be like when she is grown. The more skills the better.

    Thanks for the great tips on gifts, now all i need to do is learn to sew. I have home ec but barely remember a thing. I am thinking of trying to sew some simple things and see how that goes.


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