Monday, November 3, 2008

# simple woman's daybook

The Simple Woman's Daybook!

Hi everyone, come on in and see what's in my daybook!

If you want to join in, just go visit Peggy over at The Simple Woman, read the guidelines here and then add your name to Mr Linky. There are so many other participants sharing their day, I'm sure you'll enjoy looking through them :)

Outside my Window...
a light breeze is rustling the trees. Military men and women are making their way to work and some returning home from a long night.

I am thinking...
that this weekend went by too fast, I'm not ready for it to be monday.

From the learning rooms...
Absolutely nothing

I am thankful for...
the moments we get to spend with hubby, he's on a weird schedule so we only see him on the weekends.

From the kitchen...
For breakfast cereal, lunch for hubby and I will be leftover Turkey Breast Tenderloins with cream, mushrooms and bacon.....dinner will be Pork Chops with a cheese bechamel sauce.

I am wearing...
pink jeans and black and pink top

I am reading...
Sanctuary by Beverly Lewis

I am hoping...
to get a rush of energy so I can push through with the Advent Calendar

I am creating...
a clean, happy home.

I am hearing...
Absolute silence, the children are still asleep, so are the dogs, so is hubby. My coffee pot just finished so not even the dripping sound is coming through. I LOVE these moments of silence.

Around the house...
Clean laundry to iron and put away, floors to be swept and mopped.

One of my favorite things...
a big bowl of ice cream with whipped cream, nuts and caramel sauce

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...
nothing at all planned for this week

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...


  1. Simply lovely photo!!!!!

    Miss Mari-Nanci

  2. Wow! I left the first comment! Wow!

    Miss Mari-Nanci

  3. Wishing you a great day!

  4. I'm so thankful for our military men and women! The silence is nice sometimes isn't it. Love that photo...hope your week is off to a good start!

  5. Beautiful picture, Sandra. Your kitchen line in your Daybook always makes me hungry!

    Have a great week.

  6. Beautiful picture! And the silence sounds wonderful.

  7. I bet you look great in your pink jeans!

    Lovely photo!

  8. I too love the silence maybe 6 am is not so bad?Have a great week ..

  9. A good Daybook Sandra. The weekend did go by fast...last WEEK went by fast!! Whew! Hope your having a good day.

  10. i love ice cream with the fixins too...we went to dairy queen over the weekend and i got one the waffle bowls....yummy!

  11. I love silence but I have to stay up late to get it. Too many morning people in this house, and I'm not one of them :(.

  12. Sandra, I hope you have a great day! Beautiful pic.

  13. Loving your entry today too, sweet Sandra!! Love that pick too... so beautiful!

  14. Nice photo! The weekend definitely was over too quickly here as well.

  15. I love those moments of silence too! your blog header is lovely. Nice to meet you!

  16. Shift work is so hard. It took my kids a long time to get used to when hubby was working until 9 at night. They really missed him at suppertime.

    And I so agree, the weekend went by way too fast. I so wasn't ready for today either.

  17. Oh now I want some ice cream. :)


  18. Wonderful daybook! Glad you had a great Halloween with your kids.

  19. i love your photos..

  20. I love your photo. So peaceful looking. I could diffently go for peaceful.:)


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