Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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I want to be here....

Nestled amongst those trees, laying on a blanket, nothing but the birds chirping and the blue sky above.

Oh how I wish I was there, maybe laying on that little canoe with a good book in my hand, just enjoying the peace and quiet.

It's been an absolute crazy week, I honestly don't know if I'm coming or going, which way is up or down. Between public holidays, weekends, sick husband and kids, births in the family and the usual up keeping of the house.....I'm pooped!

Even my cooking has sort of taken a back seat, there's no new recipes being tried out or hours stuck in the kitchen preparing a meal. It's all been throwing ingredients together or falling back on family favorites and comfort food....oh the comfort food, the sort that makes you close your eyes and sighed deeply and think "Thank you Lord".

As next week approaches I'll be back to posting frequently here and on the food blog, I have a couple recipes I want to try and will most definitely share them with you.

For now, I'm just going from hour to hour, counting down the minutes until my weary body can climb into the comfy bed and snuggle underneath those covers. Not even books have been touched this past week, my fingers itch for the pages but it will have to wait.

I hope your week is way calmer and slower than mine. I leave you with some more photos of my beautiful niece Anastacia. She's still in NICU but she's doing very well, no longer needing the feeding tubes, she's eating well and very alert. Thank you for the prayers, my brother and sister in law truly appreciate them.

My baby brother, proud daddy :)

Just look at that beautiful face, it's so hard being thousands of miles away when all I want is to be there and to hold her :)


  1. So sweet and beautiful!! My prayers are still with her to grow strong and healthy.

  2. She is looking so good ! Such a sweet baby. And your brother ... he looks like you ... Hope next week slows down for you and you get some time to sit and read !!

    That photo reminded me of the scene in Anne of Green Gables ... where Anne floats down the river and the canoe sinks !! Love that scene !!

  3. Anonymous2:50 PM

    She's so cute.. makes me want to hold her too.
    Sorry you've had one of those weeks.. hopefully things will slow down soon.

  4. She's a beautiful baby and what a beautiful name!

  5. Oh my word! She is SO pretty!!

    Hope your week slows down a bit ((((HUGS))))

  6. Anonymous3:44 PM

    She's beautiful!

  7. That would be so hard to not be there and holding that sweet baby.
    Thank goodness for internet!

  8. Your brother looks so proud! She really is a perfect baby!

  9. What a beautiful little angel she is! I love his ear to ear grin, she already has him wrapped around her little little finger!! I hope your week gets better, mine is just like yours and I'm praying for a break soon!

  10. And look at the smile on the proud papa! She is so beautiful!

  11. Sweet baby girl, you melt my heart!

    Thanks so much for sharing those precious photos! Hope things slow down for you soon, that you are able to breathe, relax, and renew.


  12. So the last picture espeically, always love the pictures of a baby sleeping, so precious.

    I can so identify with the crazy- week-feeling! I was just thinking today that Monday always seems like the beginning of a long, not-crazy-week and then Wednesday comes and suddenly there are just not enough hours to get anything done for the week. (For some reason, the holiday really threw us off, too!). We've also all been sick so just not very motivated.

    Love your blog and check in with it daily! As you can see, so often I can definitely identify with you. (And I've tried a few a your yummy recipes too!)

  13. She's eating on her own already! That's wonderful news! What a little trooper she is :)

    I hope the next few days are more restful for you. Sounds like it's been a little hectic.

  14. Congratulations to your family, she is beautiful.

  15. Anastacia is beautiful and I'll keep praying for her.
    And I hope you'll feel better this week.

  16. Que cabeça tão bonita, tão perfeitinha.
    Bendito seja Deus.

  17. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Such a beautiful little one! I just love babies! How could you not?

    As far as McLeod's Daughters goes, I know that one or more characters die in season three -- maybe in a Ute accident? Don't tell me! lol I inadvertantly saw the title to a clip of it on You Tube, so that is all I know!

    Getting disc 2 of season 2 today! So excited! And I will definitely stick through to the end of the series!


  18. Such a beautiful baby girl! Keeping her and all of you in my prayers. Hope you're week gets better.

  19. Look at that sweet baby! I know it must be hard to be that far away from them. Little babies are just the best thing!

  20. A beautiful babe, I bet your fingers are itching to hold her. I have just dropped by after a long time, will spend spare minutes catching up today. I am very snuffly and the house is a mess: painters, floor sanders etc. My son's birthday is on Sunday. All good things and I was encouraged to read that you, on the other side of the world, are in the same canoe? Wish I was in that photo too. Hope you are resting now.

  21. That peaceful photo looks good to me, too!

    Your neice is a cutie! Glad she's doing better!

  22. aaww what a cutie!! I'm glad she is doing better and praying she'll be able to go home soon!


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