Sunday, November 16, 2008

Restful Sunday

I had wished for a quiet weekend where I would have to do pretty much nothing and that is exactly what I got, but not exactly by my own hand....I must have done something in my sleep friday night because I woke up on Saturday with a pain in the neck and back on the right side. One of those annoying nagging muscle spasms that make you want to scream.

I hoped it would go away but last night it was even worse, I got next to no sleep with all my tossing and turning, trying to find the best position.....there is none apparently. You never know just how much you use your neck and back muscles until every little movement brings tears to your eyes. And is it just me, or is this like an age related thing? LOL
It just seems that the older I get the more muscles I pull and the more pain I'm in, sheesh, doesn't exactly make me look forward to getting older.

I've taken pain meds, I've done the ice pack and massage and's just not feeling any better and I'm dreading sleeping tonight, I may just try propping myself up in bed.

So it's made for an uneventful weekend which is fine by me, it's just what I needed any way. Aside from the usual mountain of laundry that I've done today, I've been able to sit around...literally just going from couch to kitchen chair, to computer chair trying to find a position that wouldn't make my head feel like it weighs half of my body weight.

What else is going on around here? Honestly not much and I don't know but I've been just drawing a total blank when it comes to posting, maybe I need a break from blogging?

Let's see...I'm still loving McLeod's Daughters, just not enough good things to say about it, in the meantime while I was waiting for my next Disc, it wasn't available at my shipping facility for they sent me the next thing in the Queue which was Five Mile Creek...I did NOT like it, UGh....just I don't know, didn't like it at all, so stopped watching and removed it all from the Queue. I think I'll just wait for my next McLeod's.

I haven't been reading anything either, but I'm hoping to start again today, I still have so many books on the TBR Bookshelf, I'm sure I can find a good one.

Dinner tonight is Galinha Guisada com Massa....or in English Chicken and Noodles, the portuguese way. For dessert I've made a Chocolate Devil's food cake with chocolate frosting. I'm craving chocolate like crazy.

So there ya go, a little sneak peek into my uneventful boring life.

Thank you again for all the prayers still going up for my niece Anastacia, she's still in the ICU but doing very well. Here's some more photos for you all, she's just the cutest little thing :)

Proud Mommy and Daddy :)
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Proud big sister Alyssa
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Just look at this beautiful little face and OH MY GOODNESS does she ever look like Nicholas and Jasmine when they were newborns
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I just want to have another one LOL She's just so adorable
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  1. Nice,I hope that you and the family are having a great weekend.

  2. Well, I doubt it's age related, Sandra, since you're practically a baby yourself. LOL Seriously, I know how much that hurts - I hope it goes away soon.

    That baby is precious. Absolutely precious and yes, it does kind of make you wish you could have another one. In my case? Not! :-)

  3. I hate it when I get those back and neck pains.. it takes me a week to get over it but trust me it's not age because just last week my youngest daughter who just turned 30 was complaining about her's hurting.
    I enjoyed seeing the baby pic's.. so cute and so tiny.. so precious!!

  4. Hope you get feeling better and the little baby girl is precious! I miss the days :(

  5. I'm sorry you're hurting! All I can say is that I never had back problems and the older I get the more I have them. I'm sitting with a heating pad on it as I type- LOL!~

  6. my weekends are almost usually un eventful( thank goodness ) the week is soo crazy that its nice to have a break!! hope you get some rest tonight and feel better. neck pain is the worst! i will pray for your little neice. shes beautiful and i hope she can come home soon!
    take care

  7. I can see the resemblance to your kids too. She sure is beautiful.
    I hope you are better soon!

  8. There definitely is something about newborns that gives one itchy ovaries, isn't there. There are so precious and your little niece is no exception!

    I know how painful a back doing that can be. Praying yours passes quickly.

  9. Sandra...You got my dd and I hooked on McLeods Daughters! We're still on the first season, only ready for the 3rd disc, but LOVING it!!! Thanks for introducing us to it!

  10. Sandra, There must be something in the air. I have been fighting a migraine on and off since Friday morning and it has my neck and shoulders so tight! I hope you get a little sleep and start feeling better soon.

  11. I will pray for your niece and she is looking pretty good so hopefully she will be home soon.

    I know exactly what you are talking about because I pulled a muscle somehow in my left hand and arm and for 3 weeks it has slowly been getting better, I don't even know how I did it, but this happens often to me too. Also in my back and my neck. I hope you feel better soon but I am glad to hear you had a relaxing weekend.

  12. I love the photos and I hope you're feeling better.
    Have a nice week.

  13. Anonymous3:32 PM

    She is SO CUTE!!!!:)

    I've never seen a baby smile like that, the second last picture!!! LOL Precious:)

  14. Hope you feel better soon!!!

    Your neices are both very beautiful! Congrats to the parents.

  15. I hope you feel better soon! and what a beautiful baby!!! Glad to hear she is better!

  16. Thanks for sharing those photos - she is so adorable!

  17. SHe is so cute. And she's not hooked up to much, so she must be doing well.

    I left you a little something at my blog, if you care to play.

    Hope you start getting all the way better!


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