Tuesday, November 4, 2008

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It's been a pretty crazy last couple of days, weeks. I feel like I've been in a marathon without an end in sight, where the heck is the finish line?

I also realize that I've been horrible at staying in touch with family, emails, chatting, blog visiting and all that other goodness. What can I say to make it better? Other than I'm sorry and I hope to slow down a bit to smell the coffee.....ooohhh coffee would be great right now. See, easily distracted, I do that all the time.

Have you ever walked into the kitchen to put a dish in the sink and realized you had to load the dishwasher, only to open it and realize you need to put the clean ones away, then reach for the baking pan and realize you forgot to put out the meat for tonight's dinner and go to the freezer only to realize that you need to clean it out, so you pull out the meat and then proceed to clean the freezer and while you're at it, might as well do the whole refrigerator.

Then while you're doing the refrigerator you see the whipped cream that you bought for the dessert you wanted to try and set that aside, so you finish cleaning, start making the dessert and put that away then go back to the sink with the dirty bowl only to REALIZE you never finished the dishes??????

Please say I'm not the only one. Sometimes it's a wonder I'm so organized and get so much done, you would be surprised at how many days I have like what I just described above. Fly by the seat of my pants days, is what I call them.

I didn't get around to telling you that last week I had no cable tv, did I? A WHOLE WEEK without cable, only 3 channels on the tv's and that's because I found some weird computer cable that works as an antenna, then it took a couple of hours of holding these ends up in the air and moving to the right and the left and turning upside down and shoving it on the curtain rod and then taping it to the wall......yeah, so much excitement just for 3 channels. LOL

And there wasn't even anything interesting on.... *shake head*

I did get a jump start on my scarf though, when you have no television to distract you, you have to find other thing to do, like reading and crafting, knitting, bugging the kids, playing computer games, mopping and cleaning.....bugging the kids......doing laundry and bugging the kids. Did I say bugging the kids? By the time the cable people got it fixed on sunday, I think the children were happier than I was, they could finally get peace and quiet and not have to put up with an annoying mommy. In MY defense though, I was just trying to keep the boredom away and I guess, in some way seeing if I still HAD it. Whatever that means, turns out I don't HAVE IT, maybe I never did LOL

But I think I've bugged you enough for today, I'm going to go post the recipe for last night's dinner at the food blog....and maybe get myself another cup of coffee.

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Do you have a tip on cooking, cleaning, homemaking, kids, marriage, travel or anything that you would love to share? Feel free to join in!

One thing I deal with a lot here in Arizona is the ants....ugh, the ants, ants, ants, ants, ants....everywhere.


Here's some tips I found the other day to control these pesky little things.

♥Spread some ground cinnamon where you think the ants are coming in to the house.

♥Basil repels flies and mosquitoes. To deter ants, use catnip. Sprinkle it in their paths.

♥Make a mixture of 2/3 cup water, 1/3 cup white vinegar, and 2-3 Tablespoons dish soap. Spray where the ants are marching


Perk up soggy lettuce by soaking in cold water with some lemon juice. To store place in a zip lock bag with paper towel to absorb moisture.


For a fresh smelling fridge, keep a box of baking soda, a can filled with charcoal or dried coffee grounds or a cotton ball soaked in vanilla extract inside of it.



  1. Thanks for the nonpoisonous ant tips. Cinnamon, huh?

    If it makes you feel any better, I am in the middle of folding a mountain of laundry that I have been getting at off and on for a couple of days now! ;)

  2. I've been in that vicious cycle for what feels like years!!!! I call it the domino effect. It is truly impossible to ONLY one thing! If you can, more power to you whoever you are!!

  3. Our ant season is done here but I'm keeping these tips on hand. Thanks!

  4. I am definitely with you with the dishwashing things!

    I find that the spices do work with ants, but then they just find another way in...

  5. just stopped by to say Hi and that you have a great post today!

  6. Ok ... I totally understand where you are coming from !! I do that sort of stuff all the time too !! If I really need to get something done, like ... because people are coming over ... I'll make a list !!! And then I do the things in that order PERIOD ! Ok ... maybe not period ... I do still get distracted. Especially if I walk past my computer and see that an email has come in !! ha ha.

  7. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I too enjoyed your post and thanks for the ant tips.

  8. You SO just blogged my life--the last 50+ years of it. Thank you for validating the way I do (or don't do) things! I thought I was the only one and was just too embarassed to talk to anyone else about it.
    {HEART} your blog!
    A retired AF D/W

  9. I am the SAME way! I get sidetracked SO easily, but the funny thing is.. you get SOOO much more done when you do it like that, and you get it all done at the same time, instead of one thing at a time.

    But yes, I hear ya there.

  10. Great tips! I wonder if the basil works on gnats. I have serious gnat issues! lol


  11. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Yes I get sidetracked so easily too.

    I've been a bit behind with my blog visiting recently too.

    hugs n' love

  12. You've described my everyday! Add the picking up of clothing that have sprouted in the middle of the living room floor as you go by to do something else! I refer to myself as the constant rolling machine! I suppose this is why women are such wonderful multitaskers!

  13. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Everything you mentioned in the top of your post sounds exactly like me, especially for the last two weeks! It is a wonder we ever get anything done, isn't it?


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