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Before I go any further, I want you to take a quick peek at my CSN review below because you really really need to get yourself one of those Cast Iron Casseroles. OH.MY.WORD can't even begin to describe how much I love it and how beautiful it is. So go look below ok, then come back up here because I need your help.

Man do I need your help.

Let me preface by stating plain and simply that I'm not an avid bird watcher and I really couldn't tell you much about the different species. I know what a Hummingbird looks like because I've had close encounters with the little buggers, everytime I go and change their feeder they attack my hair.

I can also tell you what a pigeon is because, well, they're huge here and they're all over my house.

But that's it, other than that, I'm just clueless.

So this is where you come in, I've recently put up a new bird feeder and have been watching these little guys enjoying it. I won't even mention the bird doo doo because it annoys me to no end, but whatever.

These two are always around and I love the orange on their heads and chests, but other than that I can't tell you what they are other than birds LOL


Look at him all proud of himself for the mess he's made underneath. Really Mister, you should learn to clean up after yourself. Pffft.

They all gather under the feeder while one rocks it until the food falls out. Smart little ones aren't they?

Makes me want to nail it down somehow and then watch them try to rock it LOL I know, I know, I'm mean, I won't do that, but the thought sends me into giggles.

This guy is pretty or handsome, I have no clue since I really really don't know how to tell if a bird is male or female. Maybe one of you can enlighten me on the subject.

And then there's the bully. There's always one in every species. This guy/gal/it whatever, just swoops in out of the blue and hangs on for dear life, then chases all the others away until he/she/it is done eating.

So now I need my bird friends....errr....I mean my friends who know birds to tell me what those guys are. I would love to know what kind of species I'm looking at. Can you help me?

Or maybe tell me where to go look?

See I've tried google, but it does nothing for me, it's kinda hard when my search consists of "small bird with orange head and big attitude". It doesn't work.

Help me out will ya!


  1. Hi! I love to watch birds too but I have the same problem identifying... I have a field guide of birds of my area, I just looked on Amazon and they have several even just for your state. You might like to get one. And they have... pictures! There is also an enormous list, if you look up birds of your state, on Wikipedia. At least they list them by category so you could eliminate ducks, herons etc. (LOL.) I hope someone knows the answer to what exact birds those are! Love what they do at the feeder. Have a great day!

  2. Yeah I'm going to be of no help to you because I am just as clueless! Hahahaha. They are really nice looking birds though. :) Good luck! When I don't know something I just google it but if that didn't work, I don't really know.

  3. Just guessing here--
    photos 1&2--house finches
    photo 3--house sparrows and a pigeon
    photo 4--male house sparrow
    photo 5--looks like a flicker--a type of woodpecker but I can't see the back of the neck. Does it have a red area?
    I find that the male species of birds are much more colorful than the female of the species.
    Love all the pictures!!

  4. Sandra,

    Sometimes where you purchase your food, there is a book there on the different species of birds in your area. I took some time to look up some of our familiar visitors and found most of them are finches, sparrows, morning doves, mocking birds and a couple of pigeons. Then again this morning some all black birds with orange eyes showed up looking for seed remnants in our grass.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. I don't know what the red headed birdy is, it's not one we get over here I don't think. Picture number 3 is a male sparrow and what looks like some female sparrows (either he's got lots of wives or they're his babies that have grown up! :) ). Male birds always have the fancier plumage and females tend to be a bit dowdy.


  6. Hi Sandra,
    I used to live in Tucson (close enough to you in Phoenix!), so I know a few birdies and I agree with Shelia above:
    The first red headed guy is a House Finch.
    The second and third are English Sparrows.
    The third is probably a Gilded Flicker, but need to know if there's red there. They are primarily not interested in seeds, but bugs.
    I LOVE to watch birds and a pretty good guidebook is "A Guide to Field Identification, Birds of North America." Also check out your local Audubon Society office...they'll be filled with lots of helpful info.

    Much luck and Happy Birding!!

    Elizabeth in Mississippi


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