Tuesday, May 25, 2010

# dentist # toothache

{ Toothless...oh so toothless }

(I'm a little perplexed by the Cocaine word)

We interrupt the Summer Days schedule to bring you the story of a toothless wonder.....namely ME.

See on Saturday morning I started getting a bit of pain on my back right tooth, on the bottom. I think it's my molar, but who knows, I'm not a dentist and I really don't know much about teeth other than they help me eat and that is like major for me *teehee*

So anyway, being the mom that I am, I thought "ugh, it's just a little toothache, it will go away, I don't have time for teeth problems"....and I kept on going, trying to ignore it.

Problem is that it didn't go away and it just got progressively worse, to the point where eating was becoming a pain. I was feeling throbbing on the side of my face and it was just really bothering me.

I tried to hold off until the first of June because our dental insurance is not really that great and I knew that I would be paying a LOT to get this taken care of.

Let me just say that at my last appointment a few weeks ago the doctor had talked about a crown and root canal and something something which I blocked out as the dollar signs started flashing before my eyes, and not in a YAY I just hit the jackpot kinda way...more like in a "dangit we're going to be broke and eating ramen noodle for a couple of months".

But by this morning, I could not bear it anymore and if you've been through toothache before, you KNOW it's got to be one of the most irritating things ever, right up there with standing behind someone in line when they seem to have bought the whole store....OR....going outside to turn off your sprinkler and slipping on the wet ground with your flip flops and doing a matrix move in front of the neighborhood....OR.....well, you get my drift.

I made the call and was lucky to get an appointment this afternoon.

Dentist tried to tell me I needed a crown and maybe a root canal, but see she wouldn't know that until she got in there and when I asked how much was this going to cost me out of pocket, she gave me a paper. $574 just for the crown, more for the root canal. WHAT?!?!?!?!?

Yeah, um, NO, I am not rich and I don't have money growing on trees, there is no way I can afford that right now. So I asked for other options and was told, a temporary crown WHICH the insurance company doesn't cover because you know, it's temporary and it can break or fall off or explode.

It came down to, either paying $574 OR paying the $574 PLUS the root canal cost, OR, paying a ludicrous amount for a temporary crown.

That's when I said "PULL IT".

Of course she gave me the cock eyed look and tried to talk me out of it, but really, I'm about to turn 36 years old, this tooth is all the way in the back, it's not in the front and it's just a pain anymore. Just pull the thing, I won't miss it. And it's not like it's one of my front teeth or I'm a young spring chicken looking for a husband. I just want it gone.

So she did and after doing so told me that there was pus forming in there which meant an abscess forming AND a root canal if we hadn't done it.

Score for me.

So here I am, the numbing finally having left my mouth and face and now all I feel is pain, but a good kind of pain. It's a relief just knowing that it's gone and it won't bother me anymore, it also doesn't hurt that I have antibiotics and vicodin. Yes, I think I'll be ok.

There was talk Dry Socket and all that non fun stuff, so I'm just going to be really careful and pray that doesn't go there.

Moral of the story.....well, there really isn't one, other than instead of $574, I paid $54 and I'm very happy.


  1. OWIE!! Glad you got that taken care of!!
    I remember when my hubby was in the Army, we had the infamous "Delta Dental" - and I had to get a "gum tissue graft". DD did not cover "anesthesia" and I was not about to go under that kind of procedure with out it!! We shelled out $1000 for that dental visit :( But we were young, had no kids, and I wasn't big on feeling painful grafting of skin in my mouth.

  2. I love you blog... glad you toothache is taken care of.

  3. Ouch! I've had toothaches and they are just miserable. Glad you got rid of that tooth!

  4. We'd be so much better off on Medicaid than the crappy government health/dental care.

    I've done this 2x already. I could have bought a car for my teen with that money!!! LOL!

    The rest of America is going to be outraged when they have to start making these decisions. Funny, I told you so just won't be satisfying.

  5. Dental problems suck. I had a root canal yesterday - my portion was WAY more than I wanted to pay, but better than full price. I've wiped out our entire dental allowance already this year and my husband and kids haven't even gone to the dentist yet. U.G.H.

    Glad you're on the mend!

  6. I'm glad you got that taken care of. I would have told them the same thing--take it out. Hope it is feeling better.

  7. I so understand why you had that thing pulled! I just spent $700 on a build-up and crown (no root canal either). I would of had that thing pulled but it was in the middle and would have caused major problems. Hope you feel better soon!!!

  8. oh my gosh you poor girl. I have never had a tooth pulled. Ouch! But I wouldn't pay that either I would be having my first one pulled at that point too! BTW I like the new look again. You are a busy girl!
    Hope your day gets better.

  9. I just had the next to the last tooth upper left pulled recently, and what a relief once the tooth was gone. I did not have any problems after the tooth was pulled. I also got a pain killer but only took two. I heard all kinds of stories about dry socket afterwards and got warnings from people, but had no problem. I hope your healing is swift.

    You did good girl, not letting them take your money. Root canals are around $800.

    Be well, take it easy for a day or so, and you'll soon be feeling GREAT.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  10. Way to go! You are a lot gutsier than I would of been - Pull it! Wouldn't of even came to mind for me...

    Happy Recooperating Day, The Lady

  11. Hello! :) I just came across your blog and I totally feel for you with your tooth situation! I'm 30 years old and had my wisdom teeth pulled back when I was 18 but this past November I had a root canal done in the very last tooth on the BOTTOM right side of my mouth, then a week later had a root canal done in the very last tooth on the TOP right side of my mouth. My husband and I also have Delta Dental by the way and each time we had to travel 3 hours to find someone who was covered by our insurance. By the time I made appointments to have the permanent crowns done, I was in intense pain on that side of my mouth and this was around the end of December first of January.

    Well, to make a VERY long story short this is what ended up happening to me: In February I ended up having to have BOTH of those teeth pulled, then I got dry sockets where I'd had BOTH of the teeth pulled.

    And if that wasn't bad enough, I'd been struggling with reoccurring rounds of tonsilitis and tonsil stones that I've just about had my whole life, and just had a severe case of it all and I ended up having to have my tonsils removed on March 31st. The recovery for that was UNBELIEVABLY EXCRUCIATING!

    Then to top it off, on May 17th I had my 4th surgery for Chronic Endometriosis and Chronic Interstitial Cystitis and this time the Dr found a cyst the size of an orange on my left ovary so he removed that. And my husband and I have only been married for a little over 9 months. So needless to say, our first year as husband and wife has been challenging. But we're very blessed and while I can't tell you why the Lord has allowed me to go through all these trials, I can tell you that it has made me a stronger person and He has given me the strength and the grace I have needed to get through each circumstance!

    So I say all that to say this: you never know what other people are going through. Or how you can be a blessing to others. I got online looking for ideas from other "Stay at Home Wives" of house cleaning tips/charts/etc. and so I typed in Google, "Stay At Home Wife To Do List/Cleaning Chart" and that's what led me to your blog.

    My husband and I also have a blog and then I have one of my own where I write about my journey with my health problems and fertility. We are desperately trying to have a baby but with my conditions it makes it very difficult. Please pray for me that I would not lose my faith and that I will continue to trust in God's plan for our lives! I will be praying for you as you continue to recover from your tooth pulling! Bless your heart! I feel your pain!

    You definitely came out better by having it pulled.

    Happy Healing!

    Amy in GA

  12. Sounds like you made the right decision! Even if you had millions to spend, one root canal and crown may not have been the end of your problems with that tooth.
    I enjoy your blog. You've given me the courage to try the homemade pop tarts. I saw them at Smitten Kitchen, but seeing yours has inspired me to try making them when I get some unsalted butter.

  13. Sounds painful! Glad it all worked out.


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