Tuesday, May 11, 2010

# nicholas field day

{ Nicholas Field Day }


I have to start by giving kudos to the teachers. I don't know how they do this day in and day out, because honestly, I would have been crying by the end of the day.

The school is having field day this week, today was for kindergarten to 4th grade and tomorrow it's 5th to 8th grade. I still hate the fact that this is a K - 8th grade school, but that is a whole other post.

Anyway, I went this morning for Nicholas' Field Day. Had such a blast, the First Graders are so funny but can be extremely rowdy and naughty.

At one point his teacher needed to run to the restroom and asked me to please take over.

I did but I kept my eye on that school door and prayed for the minute she came out because, my word, who knew 7 year olds could get so noisy. There was the random fighting, kicking each other, yelling and complaining of someone cutting in line. Then there were the ones that just start wandering away from the line and I have to go round them up and make sure they're where they are supposed to be.

It wasn't too hard, I managed to break up the fights and separate the trouble makers and get everything and everyone under control, but by the time the teacher walked out I wanted to crawl into a ball.

Needless to say I have a headache the size of Texas.

But, it was worth it, my boy did so good and he was just smiling and laughing and having a great time and I'm glad I was able to go.

I get to redo it all tomorrow with Jasmine's 5th grade class and somehow, I don't think it will be the same. My punk will probably act like she doesn't know me and I may have to remind her that I popped her out LOL

Anyway, here's some pics of the day, for all the others, you'll have to visit my Nicholas Field Day Album on Flickr.

Disc Throwing - The goal was to throw the disc into that metal ring. They didn't count on it being extremely windy and the thing flying all over the place. Needless to say it took so long for the kids to do this that only 4 from the classroom got to go. Oops.


Three legged Race - My boy is as uncoordinated as his mommy, poor thing. The other one just kept going and mine was being dragged behind, I had to step in and say "whoa nelly, the object of the race is NOT to pull limbs from joints"


So they finally worked together, with no limbs dragging behind. Thank Goodness!


Tug of War - I can't help but cackle when I see the kids doing this, there's always random little bodies falling down and rolling away. I told them specifically, if you fall down, just drop and roll...don't try to hold on to the rope or you'll get stepped on.


Pull baby boy, pull. I may have cheated a tiny bit because I got close to the kids and said "Pull like there's candy or pizza on the other side". It did the trick LOL


Hello handsome. I love him, if he only knew how much I love him and how many times I want to reach out and squeeze those chubby cheeks.


Sack Race - He did so good, better than his mama. I used to dread field day in school because I was always the one nose diving to the ground....I ate many a grass during my school days. Blech.


Time for a little rest, some water and naughtiness.


Cart Race - he also did great until the moment his shoe went flying and the little girl in his classroom came to the rescue. She grabbed it, popped it behind him on the cart and he got to ride the shoe all the way to the finish line LOL


Water Sponge Game (or whatever it's called, by this time I couldn't even see straight lol) - They had to fill the sponge with water, then pass it all the way down the line and the last one had to wring it out. You don't know how the other moms and I wanted so badly to get in there and help them wring that water out.


Water Race - a different one. A cup full of holes, they had to run to the swimming pool, fill it with water and then run back and dump it into the bucket. See my smart boy? He just used his hand to plug the bottom so no water would run out. I taught him well. Amen.


Egg Race - The concentration on their faces as they do this one, is hilarious. Didn't help that the wind kept knocking down the eggs either, some of the kids were getting mighty irritated.


Baby boy, I want to kiss those freckles one by one. I know I know, I'm a mush when it comes to these kids, you're probably sick of me by now, but don't go yet, I'm almost done.


Bat Spin Game - This was just weird on so many levels. They had to grab this humongous bat, then put it on the yellow circle, then put their foreheads on it and spin twice. We had the cheaters who only spun once, the cheaters who didn't even put their head on it, the cheaters who just ran up to it grabbed the bat and swung it. You name it, we had it LOL


Then it was back inside to continue schoolwork. At this point the kids are all wound up and not really in the mood to be sitting down writing anything. It was also at this point that I announced to my little punk that I had to leave and he gave me the puppy eyes and begged me to stay. No fair. I still left, I had to get the truck back to my hubby so he could go to work.


He's all tuckered out, rubbing his eyes. It gave me flashes of him as a tiny infant. Oh the memories, makes my uterus cry out for another. Quick I need to close this down before I get any bright ideas.


See, I didn't bore you too much did I?

Anyway, just a friendly word of advice. If your kids have Field Day and you are doing nothing and can get away for two hours, do so. I saw way too many little ones crying and upset because their mommy and daddy weren't there.

I passed out many a hugs, tickled many little tummies and played with many little eager first graders.

Makes me glad to know that I can be there for my children but that I can also bring a little bit of joy to the ones that didn't have their parents there, for whatever reason. They may have very well been at work or not able to attend....but if you ever have the chance, please do. The kids will love you all the more for it.


  1. Blessings on you! I've gone on quite a few field trips and know how wild things can get. I also know how much it meant to my kids to have me there.
    You got some awesome pictures!

  2. Sandra,

    What a great post! This brought back so many memories of my own childhood and the bat relay, oh just thinking about spinning around that bat makes me ill.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. You just gave me nightmares - uh, I mean MEMORIES - of when I had to substitute teach ... igad!!
    I am however going to my kids' field day on May 25. I even bought THE TSHIRT!! :)

  4. I don't know how they can go inside and do school work after all that running around in the sun. I'd be sleeping on the desk in two seconds flat.

    The bat game cracks me right up.

  5. how fun Sandra..

  6. Feild day is always fun for those little ones. Nice post! ~Amy

  7. Field day was always so much fun when I was in elementary school - then they would turn into water fights :)

  8. What a great day for all! Loved the pictures.

  9. You sure captured some great shots for field day! Kayla's is next week!


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