Sunday, May 23, 2010

# goodwill

{ How many ways can I say I love Goodwill? }

First let me begin by saying that I feel like I have to clean out the cobwebs around this blog.

I've been quite the neglectful blogger haven't I? Though I've tried to keep up with my blog reading, I just have found myself with no time on my hands to write a little post, or there were some days where nothing came to mind, and I can't stand those, I mean, I should have something, anything to blog about right?

I've spent the past few days dealing with:

Kids who got sunburned last weekend
Kids last day of school
Hubby's birthday

And so forth and so on. It may not seem like a lot but for some reason, it tended to take over my days and by the time I slowed down to take a breath it was time to hit the sack.

Today, I've managed to slow down.

Took things slow and did not much at all, other than an afternoon trip to my local Goodwill.

Oh Goodwill, I love you so!

Here's a few of my finds, I didn't take pictures of everything because it's late and I'm tired and if I don't get into bed within 30 minutes I will turn into a pumpkin.

I found some more rolling pins for my collection
Wooden Rolling Pin Collection

I love this little potpourri jar with the fairy lights inside
Poutporri Jar

These Buffet Genius Trays are perfect for the summer.
Buffet Genius Trays

Don't know yet what I'm going to do with these, but since I love Americana decor, I couldn't leave them behind.
USA Canisters

Nothing on my stove top cover is new, but I kind of switched things around a bit and just wanted to show you. You have no idea how many people have seen it and commented on how much they love this idea.
Stove top cover w/ Prim Decor

Love this primitive electric candle, I was lucky to find it for 99c.
Prim Candle in Kitchen

Got another great jar for my bathroom, it now holds all the cotton balls.
Bathroom Jars

Added some taper candles to my bathroom counter shelf.
Bathroom Prim shelf

I found this lamp and just had to bring it home. It's red, white and blue and has the United States symbol. It's just perfect for Curt's Military Display cases.
Military Display Cases

Here's a closer look.
United States Lamp

Also found this cute Flag and Eagle which also went on the display clases
USA Flag

This one I actually bought for Curt for his birthday yesterday. I love it and I think it's a great gift for a Military Soldier.
Military Plaque

This shelf is in my living room and I got the two Prim candles and little metal rake, for $1.
Prim Decorations

I also found this cute sign today and it now hangs above the shelf.
USA hanging decoration

I almost passed this picture today but caught it out of the corner of my eye. I love it. It sits above my computer armoire.
Flag Picture above Armoire

Who can say no to old flags? I mean, I just love them, I think they have so much character and are beautiful in a metal vase. You can't really see it but I'll try to take better picture.

I also found that bigger metal tub to the right and that one is heading outside to my front yard. It will also be filled with flags.
Old flags

Remember the postcards from the Postcard Exchange? I was going to put them in a frame but then realized that this little area of the wall needed something.

I strung some white ribbon through the postcards and now they all hang there, you can just walk by and flip through them. I love it and so do my kids, they love going through the postcards.

Postcard Display

And lastly, this wooden basket sits on my kitchen counter. It's filled with crochet goodies and some pip berries.
Basket of crochet goodies

So there you go, just a few more of my Goodwill finds that have found a cozy corner in my home.

Next time you drive by one, make sure to drop in and see what treasures you can round up.


  1. You always do so well on your trips to Goodwill. I can't find nearly the amount of treasures you do. Good job!

  2. I love thrift stores! I always come out with the greatest stuff!

  3. Sandra we live on different continents, but say the same thing. I tell my kids they are going to turn into pumpkins if they don't go to bed.

  4. I want to go to the Goodwill store with you. You find such neat things!! Love all of it.

  5. I love Goodwill!
    You really have some cute treasures! I love the postcard idea!

  6. We have an awesome Goodwill by us ... they have SO mUCH good stuff - maybe because we live outside an Army post & people are forever PCSing and cleaning out their "junk". I have found so many good, name brand clothes for my kids that I could never afford otherwise.
    Love all your finds :) My hubby has the same bronze-ish eagle as you have - he got it from the USO after he got back from Iraq in 2004! :)

  7. WOW! You always have such awesome finds!!! What a TREAT! Everything looks great!!!
    Hugs and Blessings,

  8. Wow ~ you found some great finds!

  9. Sandra I just love "dropping by your house" ;-) Your stovetop is amazing. And the postcards...wonderful idea! Wish I had joined in on that one and had that to put on my wall!!

    I try to stay away from the thrift shops around here as much as possible. I get myself in trouble any time I go in there.


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