Tuesday, May 4, 2010

# family life

{ My new favorite spot }


The weather has been stunning lately and usually after dinner, this is where you will find me.

I just love sitting out here with my laptop, my glass of lemon water, and watching the kids play, seeing the birds fly over head, listening to the winding down of life on base.


Occasionally we will have a visitor, some little rabbit that will stumble upon our backyard and hop it's way around , exploring, sniffing, nibbling....


It doesn't last too long because once the pugs get wind of it, they're off chasing the bunny through the fence.


It's actually really quiet on base around this time. You will see families walking with their kids and their dogs, soldiers returning home from work, you can smell the delicious scents of supper time, hear the random mower going or a sprinkler spinning.....and you can hear children playing in the back yards.


Mine will either take this time to swing while enjoying the sunset.....or do their homework while enjoying the cool breeze.


There's always ice cold lemon water at hand


and lots of daydreaming.


For me it's a way of winding down, it's so relaxing when all you hear are birds chirping and the world around you is bathed in an orange glow as the sun sets for the day.

Hope you take time to sit down and take a breather too, it's needed for the soul, believe me, even if just for 5 minutes a day.


  1. I would like to sit out there with you - have some lemon water and chat!

  2. Aww! I sit out on my deck a lot in the late afternoon as well. It's so peaceful and relaxing!

  3. lemon water sound good! i love ur new spot

  4. So cool! What a great place to be with your kiddos and relax. Don't you just love this time of year? :)

  5. I can hardly wait for the weather to get nice enough that I can sit out on the deck. Your patio set is lovely and I'd love to be out there drinking lemon water too.

  6. Your yard looks so peaceful and relaxing. I so miss base life.

  7. I totally agree with you. I'm glad you found a spot where you can get away from it all just for a short time. The outdoors and fresh air I think are underrated. It is very refreshing and can give you the boost you need for the rest of the day :)

  8. Fun Post! Have a happy day! ~Amy

  9. I've been enjoying it out on my patio in the evenings as well! I have my birdfeeders up and love to try and identify new birds. It's so peaceful and I get to hear the frogs "singing" when it's nice and warm out. I love this time of year!


  10. I agree :) I love taking myself out to the patio and watch my boy on the swingset! & watch my husband in the yard plotting his garden. Heaven on earth.

  11. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Sounds like a lovely way to pass away the time. We are having a cold, wet May so far in the Pacific NW. It feels more like February or March outside. BRRRR!



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