Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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The Calm AFTER the Storm!

I don't think I need to tell you that it's been a pretty stressful and tiring time around this household, I'm honestly just looking for a little break, a little chance to take a breather and get back to normalcy.

I think we're well on our way to that.

First I need to thank you all for the out pour of support, thoughts, advice and prayers that you have showered onto me and my family, it hasn't been unnoticed and truly, I can say that if it weren't for the wonderful family, friends (blogging included), I don't know how I could have made it through all of these ups and downs without curving into a ball and crying my eyes out.

We were up at 4am this morning to make our way to the Hospital for Jasmine's surgery.

To say that I'm dead on my feet right now would be a total understatement, I have visions of my warm soft bed beckoning me to join it and I want to....so badly.


It felt weird driving so early in the morning, the sun barely awake and slowly creeping over the mountains.

Usually, if we're out at this time of the day, it means we're on vacation, heading to a fun place, not to a hospital.


After the usual checking of vitals and answering of a plethora of questions, they had her set up all nice and snug in Pre-Op. The thing that bothered her the most was the IV needle, but thankfully due to a very sweet older nurse, she got it in one try and didn't even bother messing around with her hand, she went straight for the place where she knew she could get it done without causing much pain at all.

Jasmine was thankful and so were we.

She had an amazing team work on her, from the wonderful doctor, to the Ortho from Base who came out to observe, to the sweetest nurses who made her feel so at home, which I'm extremely thankful for, there's nothing worse than having to say bye to mommy and daddy and being wheeled into a room with strangers.


They had told us to expect it to take longer than usual and not freak out, but I tell you, they took her back, we came to the waiting area and 10 minutes later the nurse came out and said "she's done, she's awake, everything's good". LOL


The doctors and the anesthesiologist came out and told us that it went amazingly well, they pretty much put her to sleep, popped her bone back into place in like 2 seconds, put on the cast and she woke up and was talking and laughing with them LOL

The ortho said "I wish all my patients were like her, that was just awesome" LOL


She did NOT get the colored cast as they didn't have that at the hospital, but her Ortho said that she needs to have a follow up appointment on Monday or Tuesday of next week, and when she goes in he will give her whatever color she wants, so she's thrilled she gets it signed twice. HA!


And I think this last pic perfectly expresses it all!

It's been scary, it's been stressful, it's been a whole new experience for us, but it's also bonded us even more than we already were, and for that I'm thankful!

God Bless!

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