Monday, September 13, 2010

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Heading to Surgery


I'm just a mess right now.

So after the whole broken wrist thing, we were told by the ER doctor that it was a clean break, they wouldn't need to straighten it or re-set it, just wait 2 days and then go to the Orthopedist and get the cast put on.

After waiting two days, we got an appointment on base this afternoon and went in to see him, he took one look at the X-Ray and called us into his offce.

Apparently, her outer bone which I think is called the radius, is deviated about 40 to 50%.

How the heck did the ER doctor not notice this????

So anyway, here I am, again reaching out to you all, I feel like I've been doing this a little too much lately, but I would appreciate any and all prayers for her surgery tomorrow.

I'm sure you can tell that this is the first time any of my children have had to have any kind of surgery and I'm a little apprehensive, trying to be strong for her because she's scared, but deep down I'm kind of feeling the same way, just for different reasons.

This mama is not only physically exhausted right now, but quickly becoming emotionally too.

Anyone have a rewind button??? I would like to go back a few weeks and stop certain things from happening. *sigh*

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