Saturday, September 18, 2010

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Sometimes all you need is a little laughter

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To say that we've had a pretty stressful week would be an understatement.

When you think about things going wrong, like broken bones or accidents or whatever, you always think it's something that touches other people, and you feel bad and you sympathize but you don't really think it will affect you, then when it does it kinda knocks the wind out of you.

Suddenly you're in that group, the group of people who can see "Oh, yeah, I know how you feel, we went through the same thing".

Not always the coolest club to belong to, but nonetheless.

So, it's been stressful but things are finely getting back on track and returning to some normalcy around this household.

If I said that I've been doing lots of laughing, I would be lying through my teeth and I'm sure you wouldn't believe me anyway LOL

But sometimes all you need is a little laughter, and thankfully that's what we got going on around here.


Jasmine had a sleepover last night and invited her closest friends, five girls, 5 ELEVEN YEAR OLD GIRLS. Need I say more? Ha!

For one, I can tell you that she's extremely lucky to have such good friends, I mean these girls are not only the sweetest things around but they are funny as all get out. They make me laugh and they make remember what it's like to be that age again.

At one point, there was ear piercing screams and laughter resonating through the house, and all I could do was just laugh right along with their goofiness and their craziness.

They love life, they enjoy life and they're at that age where the possibilities are endless, everything looks brighter and exciting and they can't wait to get out there and explore it all.

The funniest part is watching my husband through it all, he just sat in his little corner on his computer, with his headphones and the volume way up high. LOL At one point he said "I had no idea 11 year old girls could be so loud".

Honey, obviously not because you're a GUY, now us ladies know exactly what it's like to be that age and at a sleepover right?

I think the best part for me, has been to reflect back on my childhood, to remember the days of sleepovers and hanging out with my friends. Of doing and saying the goofiest things and then laughing hysterically until I couldn't breathe.....Of staying up pretty much until the sun starts to come out and laughing and playing games. Of sharing secrets that to you are the biggest thing on earth, even though in reality they're not big deal.

Quite frankly, it tugged at my heart, it made me want to go back in time and experience it all again, even if for just one day.

Then it got me thinking, if I did get the chance to do it all again, how would I spend it, with which friends, doing what, eating what, listening to which music?

I guess I could just step back in time virtually, since physically it's just not going to happen LOL

But we would definitely be sitting in the house that I couldn't stand, the one with all the ghosts and weird stuff going on. It would be me and two of my friends, sitting in my bedroom giggling and listening to the radio, which would definitely include these songs:

We built this city - Starship
Crazy for you - Madonna

Take on Me - A-Ha

Don't lose my number - Phil Collins

Smooth Operator - Sade

OR we could be watching some Gummi Bears, or Growing Pains or maybe even Rags to Riches. Do you remember that show with the young girls living with the dad, and they would sing songs? Ha! I used to absolutely love that show.

One things is for sure though, whatever we may have been doing, we would have had no responsibilities, no worries, no fears. The extent of my problems would have been if the boy I liked, liked me back....or if dinner included anything that I wouldn't want to eat...or, or, the worst thing for me....if my stepmom would make me take that teaspoonful of cod liver oil again. BLECH!

What would YOU be doing if you were 11 again for one day?

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