Monday, November 07, 2011

{ Busy day }

I am so happy with our temperatures right now.

Woke up this morning to a wet yard, puddles leftover from overnight storms, and 47 degrees outside.  For the first time this year, I actually pulled out my sweat pants and my fingerless mittens.  *sigh*

Sun just starting to come up


My wonderful husband has already been at work for a couple hours, the children are still fast asleep, all snuggled in bed


First order of business for me is a hot cup of coffee, I can't quite seem to get going until I've had at least one sip.


I started this cowl last night, actually made it while watching the new show on AMC called "Hell on Wheels", which by the way if you haven't seen it or heard of it, it was fantastic.  Watch the preview here.

Hell on Wheels is a contemporary Western that centers on former Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon, portrayed by Anson Mount, whose quest for vengeance has led him to the Union Pacific Railroad's westward construction of the first transcontinental railroad.

Just my kind of show :)

Anyway, so I crocheted during the show and all I had left was one row, which is what I went ahead and did this morning.  I followed this pattern, but next one I make I will have to add a few more stitches to the chain because I had a hard time slipping it over my head.  I also didn't use two strands of yarn, just one, I much prefer the cowl to look this way rather than a huge thing around my neck :)


I am so thrilled with the way it turned out ♥ ♥

After a quick breakfast, the dishes unloaded from the dishwasher and a load of laundry started, I decided to go ahead and give another craft a quick try.  I absolutely adore blue mason jars!

Blue Jar DIY

So when I saw this tutorial over at Craftberry Bush, one of my favorite blogs, I immediately bookmarked it.

Now I will tell you that it was easy to make, I had everything I needed and I love the way everything turned out, but, oh yes, there's a but in can clearly see that it was my first attempt because I ended up with some streaks and some globby glue drips, which you can only really see if you're right up close.

Still, I love them and just have to remember that it takes practice and next time all will be better.

Are you ready to make some yourself????  It's so simple you won't believe.  You MAY want to grab a cup of coffee or tea, there are quite a few pics because I couldn't help myself.


1 teaspoon of Elmer's Glue, 3 drops of food coloring, 1 and half teaspoons of water.  Mix with a paintbrush.  That's IT for the mix.

Blue Jar DIY

Start painting the jar, from top to bottom.  Lucy advises not to go over it too much so the glue doesn't start clumping together and she does say this part is frustrating and I have to agree, but I guess that's why mine didn't turn out exactly perfect, practice practice practice.

Blue Jar DIY

I did 4 different size jars, though for the last one I did have to make a little bit more of the mixture to finish it.  Here they are drying on the window sill.....

Blue Jar DIY

The more coloring you add in the darker the stain, but I am really happy with my light blue wash :)

Blue Jar DIY

They will dry for 24 hours and then tomorrow morning, I'm going to pop them in a 325 degree oven for about 40 minutes, on a cookie sheet.  It will help set the stain color.

Blue Jar DIY

And while they were drying, I pulled out my wire cutters and a little mason jar that I have laying around and make a quick hanging jar to hang from a door knob.

Just wish I had real flowers to put in there, but I'm thinking I'll pick some up at the store :)

Hanging Mason Jar

Yes, I think I like it, matter of fact, I think I love it :)

Hanging Mason Jar

I have a few more projects to get done, lots of Christmas presents to get started on, and my wonderful Beast of a ripple to plod through.

I think I'll go sit down with some tea, my beast and Hart of Dixie.

Sorry about all the photos folks, I hope I didn't put anyone to sleep.

God bless,


  1. LOVE your "photo heavy" posts!! :) Don't apologize for your gorgeous photography! The cowl scarf is gorgeous!! SOO wish I could crochet! lol! And I especially lve the blue jars, they're gorgeous!!

  2. Love all the pictures!! That cowl is gorgeous! I have made many in the past and each one I do is a little different. They are so nice and warm!

    Also love the mason jars! Beautiful! Didn't think of doing it that way! I have seen it done where they pour the 'stain' into the inside and swish it around so that it will coat all the inside and then do it like you mentioned. So pretty though!!

    I love the 'vase' I just can't find jars that size! :(

  3. Oh, and I love that cozy! I like the pattern on of it.. did you come up with it or was it a pattern you found? Haven't made one for a mug yet but several for the cups

  4. those jars are LOVELY - and how easy is that (aside from avoiding the streaks, I guess!!) ...

    And the cowl is AWESOME!! My mom was a big knitter/crocheter - and I have so many lovely scarves & things she made that I cherish!!

    I'm thinking you might consider a GIVE AWAY of a cowl ... hmmmm?!?!?!?! Or you should sell them at a craft fair or something ... but I think blog giveaway would be AWESOME!! Think about it??!?!?!?!?! Please!! :) (PS if you don't do it, don't worry - I'm not offended - I'm just thinking out loud!!). :)
    Have a great day!

  5. Oh cute! I've seen that tutorial and have been wanting to try it. You're turned out great.


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