Saturday, November 5, 2011

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{ A little organizing and such }

Had a busy Saturday, some errands to run, a quick bite to eat, a quick stop at Walmart and then back home.

And after relaxing for a few minutes, I was suddenly bit by the organizing bug and it was directed at my refrigerator.

I have said so many times that I have a small fridge and can't fit anything in there and yadda yadda yadda, but today I was proven wrong and boy was that a lesson.  My only thought right now is "why on earth didn't I think of this earlier?".  

The answer is simple, I didn't discover the joys of Pinterest until very recently.  Oh this place has totally fueled my creativity, has gotten the brain juices flowing and has provided me with idea after idea after idea for my home.

I wish I could take credit for this because it's so easy to do and so simple, yet it makes such a difference.

Anyway, let me show you what I'm talking about.

Here's my fridge before:


It looks cluttered and full doesn't it? I'm not ashamed at all to show you this picture, it clearly needed some help and some cleaning.

So I got to work, first thing I did was remove everything shelf by shelf, ditch what I no longer want which is usually shoved to the back while it grows and develops into something that can attack you when you reach for it. Thankfully, I don't have much of that going on anymore, over the years I've learned to be good about keeping the fridge clear of weird looking stuff. LOL

Next thing, I gave it a really good wipe down and then I pulled out my $1 see through Walmart containers, which reminds me, I am getting more next time I am at the store.

And here is the after:


It looks SO much better.  I even put a little tray in the drawer, in there I have the kid's snacks





My breads


My dairy, sour creams, cream cheese, yogurt etc


Other cooking stuff


My baking container...a girl can't ever have enough butter right?


This is hubby's container, these are all the jarred meals for his week lunches, fruits and desserts on the right....salads etc on the left.

No more crowded, messy refrigerator and I'm shocked at how much room I have in there, plus it's so much easier to find what I need.

Another plus, if something starts leaking, guess where it will leak into?  That's right, all I will have to do is rinse out the container, no more nasty sticky, wet spots on the shelves.

So, there you have it, super easy project for a weekend and the results will make you smile.  It got a huge thumbs up from the family.

I guess organizing the fridge got me in the mood for making things....I've been meaning to make another one of those mason jar potpourri lights, so I quickly got one done for the kitchen.   I have more lights just need to pick up more potpourri so I can make two more, I want them for the bathrooms, I love having them in there lit at night, it helps the kids when they have to go the bathroom in the middle of the's also great if you have guests staying over :)


I think these would make really cute Christmas gifts, don't you?


Well, that's a little of what I got done today to beautify my home. I'm always working on little things here and there, I feel like it's my contribution to the home :)

But now, I'm going to go climb into bed with my new Mollie Makes which just came in the mail this afternoon, I literally skipped all the way from the post box to the house.


By the way, my house is permeating with the scent of cinnamon, pumpkin pie and other fallish stuff.


Nicholas says it's starting to smell like Christmas, I have to agree ♥ ♥ ♥



  1. Oh wow! What an improvement...not that the before was that bad. Believe me, I've seen worse! It looks great!

  2. My fridge is in desperate need of reorganizing and this looks fantastic. I need to look for some containers and do this myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Your potpourri lights are wonderful, how on earth did you make them?

    Have a lovely day and a great week.


  3. I love that idea! What a difference.
    I've given the potpourri jars as gifts before - so cute!

  4. It looks great! :) I have Tupperware containers in my fridge like this too, it does help keep everything organized & clean!! :) Enjoy your new magazine!!

  5. Awesome job organizing your fridge! You've definitely inspired me, especially with the holidays coming up.

  6. What a great way to organize the fridge!!! I need to do that this week. The refrigerator we have was in the house when we bought it and it is quite less than desirable, but don't want to replace it until we remodel next spring. Oh and BTW...girly! That is NOT butter! That is margarine :-) Get rid of that nasty stuff and buy your family some REAL butter :-)

  7. Great job on the fridge. I use containers like this, too, and it helps a bunch.

    I love those little mug warmers!

  8. looks amazing!

    I will go get containers today at IKEA

    One thing though.... Never ever ever put bread in the fridge. It ruins the bread, it will go hard and dry almost immediately because of a chemical process that I dont know the english name for...

  9. I had to laugh. I saw a lot of organizing stuff on Pinterst and I love it. I probably copy a lot from you even when I don't pin it. I can copy off your blog since you posted so many good close up shots. Thanks I will do the same with my fridge.


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