Friday, November 18, 2011

Shirley J's Seasonings Review and Giveaway

I was recently contacted by the folks at Shirley J and asked if I would be interested in trying out their Beef Slow Cooker Seasoning.  Heck yeah!

So, I was asked to try it out in the kitchen, come up with some stuff and see how I like it.  I was also asked to do a giveaway and offer to my readers one of the Beef Slow Cooker Seasonings too.  I couldn't say no, could I?


Let me start by telling you a little more about Shirley J.

Shirley J is a cooking company based in Orem, Utah and represents the marriage of two successful food product companies—Shirley J Foods and Dunford Bakery Products. Shirley J Foods was founded by food developer Don Smith, while Dunford Bakery Products had its founding in master baker, Doug Dunford. The two men worked side-by-side for years, servicing specialized segments of the commercial food service industry. Their products have been used for more than 30 years by master chefs and bakers in the most demanding commercial applications and have won the loyalty and praise of customers and professionals.

I sat and looked through the catalog and couldn't believe just how many wonderful products they have.  It was my first time hearing about Shirley J or trying one of their products and I'm so glad that I did.

Let me begin by telling you that the Beef Slow Cooker Seasoning is AMAZING!  Oh my word, does it smell good and taste delicious.


Yummy recipes, wonderful products like Universal Sauce, Pizza and Pasta Seasoning, Dough Enhancer and many more, and you can even purchase kits like the Holiday Pizza Gift set or the Holiday Pasta Salad Gift Set.


I set right to work, pulled out my country ribs and threw them in the slow cooker.  Here's what I did:


Following the directions on the Beef Slow Cooker Seasoning, I mixed up the water and the seasoning....


Placed a sliced onion into the bottom of the crockpot....then I put the ribs on top, and poured the seasoning over it.  Turned it on LOW and cooked it for 6 hours.  That's IT!


If you could only smell these as they cook, that seasoning is so good.


Fall off the bone ribs, amazing beef flavor.  My husband and kids loved it.....and so did I.


I've also made Beef Stew using the same seasoning and it was equally delicious and to die for.  Honestly, if you're looking for a good Stew seasoning, you really do need to try Shirley J.

You can find more about it at their website Shirley J, or on Facebook, or Twitter, and even at their blog.

For the giveaway, it is open to US residents. 

Just leave me a comment and please make sure to include an email address where I can contact you.

The giveaway will run until next week Friday the 25th.  I will then draw a winner using

Good Luck!


  1. Your ribs look amazing. I love using my crock pot and always looking for new things to try. Thank you for the opportunity to win this seasoning!!


  2. Yum! This is my kind of contest! Thanks for the chance!

  3. Oh yum and YUM! I saw in one of the pictures of the cookbook it give you the cost per serving. I love that!!

  4. I love your blog! Since I also just got a new slow cooker, I would love to try this seasoning out in that bad boy! Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Yummy is all I can say about how good the ribs look. Thanks for the chance to win the seasonings.

  6. I'm at work and starving. the ribs look delish.

  7. mmmmmmmm....those ribs look delicious. I would love try that recipe. Thanks for a great blog.

  8. Looks sooo good! I always looking for new crock pot recipes. I am addicted to using that thing, especially now that it's cold here.

    Thank you for sharing Sandra!

  9. Love the blog! Ribs looks fantastic. Would love to try the seasoning on some slow cooked brisket.

  10. Not only does my husband work from home full time, but he also takes care of our 1 year old son full-time while juggling his full-time career from home. Am trying to incorporate more slow cooker meals into our mealplan so he doesn't have to prep dinner. However, not sure if he could smell this cooking all day without going crazy at not being able to eat it!

  11. Great post! Everything looks and sounds delish! I’m thinkin I want to try everything. :)

  12. Your ribs look delicious!! I love using my crock pot to make easy and amazing food my family loves!! I have never heard of Shirley J's and would love to try out their seasonings too. Thank you!!

  13. Country ribs are my favorite piece of pork in the crock pot. The seasoning mix sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  14. We soooo need smell-a-vision on computers! Would love to try Shirley J's! This is my first time visiting, but it won't be my last! Have a great Thanksgiving-it's the only thing I'm thinking about this week, too!

  15. I've just started using my slow cooker more and having something like that Shirley J seasoning would be fantastic if it can make my food taste as good as yours looks!

  16. I am just starting to do slow cooker meals and those ribs look amazing!!!


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