Monday, September 10, 2012

# happy homemaker monday

Happy Homemaker Monday #34

Morning everyone :)

Woke up this morning to a wet world outside, seems it rained last night.  Just wish it had happened during the day so I could have seen it :)   But it's cooled us off tremendously which is always a good thing.

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The Weather:::
70 degrees this morning, thanks to last night's rain :)   Looks like some more rain this week, but we'll see.

On my reading pile:::

Started Out of this world - A woman's life among the Amish by Mary Swander, then set it aside while I read Pies & Prejudice, so I'm thinking I need to go finish that one.
Have a few others from the library that I have to read before they're due.

On my tv:::
Hell on Wheels Episode 4
My Portuguese soaps (Doce Tentacao, Louco Amor, Tempo de Viver)
Breaking Amish (new show on TLC)

On the menu for this week:::
Only know what we're having today.  The rest of the days are a bit of a mix up right now, see this payday I went completely bonkers with the menu plan and mixed days up and switched this one and that one.  Truth be told, it sent me off track and I feel like I'm lost.  Won't be doing that again.

Monday -  Potstickers, Sesame Noodles
Tuesday -
Wednesday - 
Thursday -
Friday -  *Grocery Shopping*
Saturday - 
Sunday  - 

On my to do list:::
Mop floors

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Finished my big ripply blanket and already got to snuggle under it.  Love it so much :) 

Ripple Blanket


Homemaking Tips:::
Not sure if spaghetti is fully cooked? Pull a noodle out of a pot of simmering water, let the water drip from it for a few seconds, and then chuck it against the nearest kitchen wall. If it adheres to the wall, it’s al dente!

Looking around the house:::
It's quiet and it's dark, save for a candle glow coming from the kitchen.  Hubby is finishing off checking his facebook and then he's out the door for work.  Living room needs a little picking up from this weekend, kitchen is dreadful right now and there are dishes that need washing, a table that has random things dropped on from toys to college books to cookbooks. 

From the camera:::
I picked this one, just because it's my favorite nail polish.  It's beautiful and it's very natural and not in your face like most of my other nail polishes are :)

On my prayer list:::
My brother in law Chris, as he begins a new chapter in his life.  He is moving from OK to TX to start a new job, so I pray that he enjoys it, I pray he finds a good place to stay and that he makes new friends :) 
My father and stepmom, they're still going through a big of a rough time, life hasn't been easy and I pray for some peace and some quiet for them. 

Bible verse, Devotional:::
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.
Proverbs 9:10


  1. Ah, I love the rain :) It relaxes me. I also love that tip about the spaghetti! I'll definitely try that out. Have a great week!

  2. Just found your blog a few weeks ago and it has become one my favorites! Thanks for hosting this! This is my first week linking up! Have a great week!

    :) Rachel

  3. Love that nail polish too....very soft, feminine and pretty! Love your crocheted blanket you're working on....such pretty colors! What a lovely thing to snuggle under!

    Hope you have a great week, Sandra!

  4. Bom dia para ti tambem Sandra... quais são as novelas portuguesas que ves?Beijocas!!

  5. Slinging spaghetti at the walls is one of my favorite past times. My girls love to see it stick.

    I love that finger nail polish, what kind is it?

  6. I think you got the rain we were supposed to have. And I know how you feel about your menu. I seem to schedule my life around dinner and when that's out of whack, so is everything else.

  7. Seems like a nice day. Glad you had some rain to cool things off some! Usually my menu plan is a bit of a guessing game as well, but this week I'm better! Trying at least! Hope you have a nice Monday!

  8. obrigada Sandra,todos os dias vejo essas também...

  9. Just going through my blog roll visiting old friends. I guess I've been following your blog since 2008 when I started mine. I love reading your stories, watching your children grow up, and getting a glimpse into your daily life.


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