Monday, September 17, 2012

# happy homemaker monday

Happy Homemaker Monday #35

Nothing like waking up, preparing a cup of coffee and in the middle of doing that, seeing a huge cockroach by the coffee maker.  Have I told you all before how much I loathe cockroaches????  They make my stomach turn.  GROSSSSSSS!!!!

Anyway, good morning everyone :)  

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The Weather:::
78 degrees right now.  The week ahead looks like sunny and blue skies, and more triple digit weather.  How fun?  NOT!

On my reading pile:::
Started The Widow of Larkspur Inn on my Kindle, and really liking it.

On my tv:::
My Monday usually consists of the same shows, unless there's something new.
Hell on Wheels Episode 5
My Portuguese soaps (Doce Tentacao, Louco Amor, Tempo de Viver)
Breaking Amish (new show on TLC)

On the menu for this week:::
Monday -  Meatloaf Supreme, Mashed Potatoes
Tuesday -  Ravioli with meat sauce
Wednesday -  Lingquine with Peppery Beef Strips
Thursday - Smoked Sausage and Potatoes
Friday -  Homemade Pizza
Saturday -  Pork Parmigiana
Sunday  -  Ham and Cheese Sliders

On my to do list:::
What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Making some crochet blankets for the kids and finishing up my Hexagon Pillow.

Homemaking Tips:::
There are many vegetables out there that you can regrow yourself, without needing to buy at the store.  Green onions, garlic etc.  Even celery.  And it's so easy to do.  All you need is to cut off the end of the celery stalk and instead of throwing it out, pop it in a small jar, cover the base with water and set it in on a window sill.  Change the water daily for a week.  You'll see it start growing new leaves from the middle.  After a week, move it to a pot with some soil, cover the whole base and leave just the leaves sticking out.  It will continue to grow and pretty soon you'll have new celery to enjoy in your kitchen.

Looking around the house:::
I'm cold.  I know, it's ridiculous, but I'm sitting at my little homeschooling desk right now, and the vent is right above me.  So I'm cold, and I'm wrapped in my crochet blankie.
Hubby is at his computer working on some school homework before leaving for work.  Kids are asleep and so are the pugs.
All I can hear is the fish tank gurgling away, some cars going by outside, and the neighbor's dog barking at something.

From the camera:::
Now here's a first.  I haven't taken many pictures this week, so I have none to share today.  Bummer! 
On my prayer list:::
This country.  I'm fervently praying for this country, for this government, for the people, for our safety.  So much to pray for right now and we have to keep doing it, we can't stop. 

Bible verse, Devotional:::
“Follow God’s example, therefore, as dearly loved children” Ephesians 5:1 NIV


  1. I like the idea of regrowing veggies. My potatoes and garlic usually sprout before I use them all up anyway.

  2. Finally got to post this week! That is good to know about replanting celery - I think of all the times I have thrown it away. I am so unknowledgeable about gardening and canning, I appreciate your lessons.

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  4. It's funny but I am at my homeschooling desk (Em is next to me doing math) and I am cold under the AC vent too! hahahaha

    I am going to try that regrowing veggie thing - I never have done that. I think it would be a fun little project for our home ec class!


  5. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Thanks so much for hosting! I'm your newest follower and am super excited to start linking up! What a fun weekly idea! :)

    Have a wonderful night!

    Little Rays of Sunshine


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