Thursday, September 6, 2012

# period dramas

P is for Period Drama....

and boy are there some good ones coming up.

Matter of fact, some are airing already and I think you may just enjoy them.

I know that a lot of my readers enjoy a good period piece just as much as I do, and even though there are certain limitations to what we are able to see being in the USA....the good part is that nowadays you can find most if not all of these posted online somewhere.

Thank you wonderful uploaders of fantastic shows, I sure do appreciate it.

But right on to the reason I'm composing this post tonight.  New dramas for you to indulge in.

Oh before I even get started, let me remind you all that the new season of Downton Abbey starts on Sunday the 16th in the UK.  For those of us over here who are dying to watch, and do not want to wait until January of next year for it to show up in the States (putting my hand way up high), you do have the option of watching it online and following along as they air in the UK.

Downton Abbey on Watchseries
Downton Abbey on TVlinks

 And guess what?  The new promo for this season is out and OH.MY.GOSH.  I'm twirling like an idiot, it looks to be an amazing season.

*sigh* I may just be absolutely besotted with this series.

But on to some other goodies for you.

The next two I'm going to talk about just started in the UK, so only one episode of each has aired, plenty of time to jump right in and follow along :)

Mrs Biggs

Sheridan Smith steps into the role of Charmian, the wife of the infamous great train robber, Ronnie Biggs.
Chronicling Charmian's dramatic life, from that fateful moment when her path crossed with Ronnie (Danny Mays) as a teenager, to the devastating consequences of the Great Train Robbery in 1963. An event which left Charmian and her family on the run with one of the world's most wanted men.
Facing an uncertain future in foreign lands, how long will they be able to avoid capture, with their young children in tow?


The Bletchley Circle

The Bletchley Circle follows the journey of four ordinary women with extraordinary skills that helped to end World War II.

Set in 1952, Susan, Millie, Lucy and Jean have returned to their normal lives, modestly setting aside the part they played in producing crucial intelligence, which helped the Allies to victory and shortened the war.

When Susan discovers a hidden code behind an unsolved murder she is met by skepticism from the police. She quickly realises she can only begin to crack the murders and bring the culprit to justice with her former friends.

The Bletchley Circle paints a vivid portrait of post-war Britain in this fictional tale of unsung heroes.

I don't have a link for this one yet, but I'll keep an eye out and as soon as it is available online, I'll share with you :)


Absolutely loving this series, one of my favorite actors portrays the main character.  I'm talking about Benedict Cumberbatch. :)

Parade's End

In the dying days of the Edwardian Empire, Christopher Tietjens enters into a destructive marriage with the beautiful but cruel socialite Sylvia.

Catch up with the first two episodes here.

Parade's End on Watchseries


Aside from Period dramas, and I know this post was mostly devoted to that, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to let you in on some other shows starting in the next few days/weeks.

The Scapegoat premieres on Sunday the 9th on ITV, UK.
Breaking Amish premieres on Sunday the 9th on TLC
Merlin Season 5 premieres September 29th on BBC
Once Upon a Time Season 2 premieres September 30th on ABC

I do love the Fall season for all the new shows as well as beloved ones returning.

What are YOU most looking forward to watch on TV this fall?


  1. Thank you! I cannot wait for Downton Abbey but am so happy to know I could watch it online. I'm going to check out the other shows you mentioned also as they look really good! We love lasagna roll ups. I make them quite often and have been making them since we were first married 25 years ago when I saw an article in a magazine! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. SO excited about Downton! Thanks for posting that... I'm clueless about finding shows like that.

  3. I love when you give us some recommended series to watch. And, I have never heard of Watchseries will definitely be checking that out as a way to watch episodes.

    I'm in total agreement about your anticipation to Downton Abbey. We have long winters here in MI and it will help me get through at least one long night a week....!!


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