Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Right now......

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Feeling - Tired, ready for bed

Drinking - Lemon water

Writing -  This post and new menu plans

Thinking - that I'm blessed and that my favorite time of the day is exactly this one, with my family around me

Contemplating - doing some crochet, or taking a break tonight

Knowing - that I'll end up watching tv while crocheting

Listening - to hubby and son playing a game together

Jumping - for joy everytime I think that next year we'll be in Idaho

Savoring - the last of my Andes Mint chocolate

Resisting - the temptation to have another slice of Orange Cake

Eating - Nothing right now

Hiding - my chocolate from Miss Lola, this pug wants to eat everything

Feeling - impatient for the fall weather to finally arrive


  1. i hear you on the fall wheather I live in south mississippi and it was 90 degrees yesterday

  2. It's very comfortable in the mornings, but it gets in the mid 80's in the afternoon. Which makes dressing my child for school all the more difficult. I agree with everyone... so ready for fall! Glad you had a seemingly peaceful day with your family :)

  3. what a lovely list thanks for inspiring us!


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