Weekend in review!

by - Sunday, September 16, 2012

What a quiet, relaxing, calm weekend we spent.

We are nothing like some others who like to be on the go, always going places, out and about, in crowds etc.  We are very happy just being at home on the weekends, relaxing, not having to worry about schedules or places to be.  It's when we're the happiest, honestly.  And when we DO go out it's to get whatever we need and quickly rush back home again.

Friday night we went out to dinner at our favorite Diner in town.  Not only is it really good food, but it's cheap, it's one of those where they serve breakfast all day long, and it's never too full, mainly older couples, lots of retirees etc.

After dinner, on the way back to the base, we stopped at Joann's and this time it wasn't me who wanted to go there, it was actually my husband Hahahah    He need some leather for a project he's working on, and of course I seemed to drift toward the yarn department, because even though I have no need for any yarn, I can't help myself.

So Saturday started out with me doing grocery shopping, then it was home to get everything put away, having a quick lunch of sub sandwiches and then back out to the BX to grab a few things.

The rest of the day was spent puttering around.  Everyone worked on individual projects, read books, chatted etc. 

I fixed some quick Taco Salads for dinner.


By night time we had all moved towards the living room.  I worked on some crochet projects....like this hexagon pillow


and the children's crochet blankets, this is Jasmine's, she picked all the colors herself


and this is Nic's


while we all watched E.T the Extraterrestrial and then one of the Ice Age movies that were showing on TV.  Again, the theme seems to be quiet for us :)

Sunday morning rolled around and first thing I did right after breakfast, was get the celery I'm regrowing into a pot with some soil.


Then came a spur of the moment trip to Home Depot.  Again, hubby needed rivets for his project and I ended up picking up 3 plants for the home.

Like this ornamental chili peppers plant


and these too as they were on sale for 99c



I got the plants all taken care of and then did some quick replenishing of the pantry for the week. Usually I go through my big jar containers and refill them as needed, this time it was the Bread Flour.


I've spent the rest of the day doing nothing in particular.  Cleaning up and tidying up the kitchen, threw on a big pot of cream of broccoli soup for dinner


and some Baked Grilled Cheese and Ham sandwiches


But I think the most important part of the day for me today, was watching the first episode of Season 3 of Downton Abbey.

Oh my golly gosh. I won't give anything away because I know that many haven't seen it yet, but suffice it to say that I fell completely madly head over heels again in love with this show. It was brilliant.

For those that want to watch it, you can do so online here,

I couldn't help it, there's no way I'm waiting until January for it to air here in the States.

So, that's what my weekend consisted of. Now I'm going to sit down with my girl and watch Breaking Amish on TV, and then I have Hell on Wheels and I survived as well, and I'm hoping to get some more crochet in.

I do hope you're all having a blessed Sunday and wishing you all a great week of work and school ahead.

God Bless,

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  1. I am usually impressed with how you are not running around like a crazy mom like many of us that I know. :) do your kids play sports or engage in any other extra-curricular activities outside the home or get together with friends etc? I have always wondered how you stay so serene. :)

  2. Your weekend looks really relaxing. I wish I had the talent to crochet like you. I'm still stuck on dish cloths. :)

  3. I was just back reading your posts as I hadn't been by this week and just had to say... YAY! Downton is back!

    It was my birthday recently and I got the boxsets so I was able to rewatch it all again and fall in love with it all over again :) I hadn't realised that it is such a hit in the states :) Roll on Sunday lol! xxx


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