Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Joyful Day!


Today was what I would call MY day.  A joyful, blessed day spent doing the things that I love.

You know with all the busy routines we have and the usual day to day chores of homemaking, it's good to set aside time for yourself, a day to do what you like.  Forget that laundry, it will be there tomorrow, trust me.

Of course mealtime, dishes and homeschooling is not something you can forget about, but other than that, you NEED to set time aside for you.


I can't stress enough the importance of having those moments of leisure, especially when you have young children.  It's so easy to get caught up with mothering and all the other responsibilities of being a wife and a homemaker, and to forget about taking care of yourself.  It's usually when you start losing patience, feeling overwhelmed and worn out.

I get a lot done during my week, but I make it a point of setting aside one day that is just an easy, carefree, do what I love, day.

Crochet, sewing, that was what most of my day comprised of.

Starting with some toasted Irish Soda Bread and a big cup of coffee.


I pulled out one of my jars with my pine/bay leaf stove top simmer fragrances.  Let it simmer all morning and it made the house smell amazing.


Then it was time to pull out my crochet project.  I had numerous threads to weave in, words to attach etc....


Thirty minutes later it was done.  So happy with the way it turned out.  I only realized after it was finished, that I should have separated the words He and Is.  But too late for that, oh well.


Still really love it and it is just what I had in mind.


Think one of my favorite things about it, are the pretty spring/summer colors.  Brightens up my kitchen, for sure :)


Made the kids some Quesadillas for lunch, and this was my bowl below.  My lunch of choice lately are mixed vegetables, a sliced hard boiled egg, and a little light mayonnaise.  I'm just craving veggies lately.


After lunch I moved on to something else I truly enjoy doing. Quilting. After making my first quilt a few weeks ago, I've been wanting to start another one and hadn't gotten around to it. Today was the day.


Strips and rectangles all over my kitchen table.


And then one of the best parts, placing it all in rows, mixing and matching, arranging and rearranging.

I find myself smiling through this whole process.

While this was going on, I had the sprinkler on in the backyard, the back screen door open, the curtains blowing in the breeze, the sound of birds chirping loudly and 82 degrees. Beautiful day.


Hubby got home from work and got the grill started for burgers.


Inside, I made a huge pitcher of Mint Iced Tea, cut up some watermelon, cooked up some fries and waited impatiently to sit down to dinner. I don't think there is a better aroma on earth than a grill going on a sunny afternoon.




and waiting, while sipping on tea


at this point my mouth starts to water. Didn't have to wait too long though, and our dinner was fantastic.


Anyway, I can't wait to continue with the quilt. Love quilting :)

Hope you liked the peek at my day, it sure was fun sharing it with you all :)

I'm going to go sit with the family and watch Face Off, and then hubby and I will be watching Inside Combat Rescue. It is a phenomenal show that follows the Air Force's Pararescue team. It's heartbreaking to see all the injuries our military suffer, so many young men and women hurt. But, it also really brings into perspective the amazing job that our Armed Forces do.

I highly recommend this show. :)


  1. Loved reading and seeing your day. It reminds me that I need to find some time to get out my Spring/Easter decorations...And now you've made me crave some grilled burgers. Yummy!!

  2. love the quilt...glad you all had a great day..

  3. We used our grill yesterday as well, but our temps weren't quite as warm as yours. Spring is around the corner so I know it's just a matter of time!

  4. I love your photos, and your day sounds so very lovely. That banner is beautiful! I don't know if it would look okay, but maybe you could stack the letters of IS in the one block to create that space between words.

  5. How exciting a new quilt!!! You made me so hungry looking at all those veggies and watermelon, Can't wait till we have a table full on our side of the country

  6. Morning Sandra, oh but your killing me with those beautiful pictures outside already......and watermelon, LOVE the quilt, my fav colors........So cold here,:( no signs of Spring Spring Blessings Francine.

  7. Oh my goodness. I LOVE that crocheted banner! Love it! Wanna make one myself! And your quilt? Lovely!

  8. Sounds like a perfect day! Pretty bunting and what a great idea, too :-)

  9. What a wonderful day Sandra! Your veggie lunch looks delish!

  10. Enjoy all your projects. You really did learn to quilt fast. Amazing.

  11. Your day looks beautiful! The summer colors and tastes are killing me...it was 16 degrees here this morning! Ack! Your projects are so perfect! You are one talented lady! :)

  12. Sandra! I had to share. I just made a quilt in 4 days from the "lawn chair" free pattern on the Moda site. It has no seams to match so it is so fast! Check out my blog two posts ago and you can see my pictures....it turned out AMAZING and it was so so easy!! Color combinations make for endless possibilites!


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