Saturday, March 2, 2013

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Signs of Spring!

Oh it's upon us, it is really upon us.  Can you smell that???

Everywhere I am surrounded by signs of spring, it's on the ground, it's in the trees, it's in the air.

And guess what?  I even got my first tan today while working in the yard.  Yep.  Thankfully I tan extremely easy and I don't burn, I go from white to golden brown in a matter of minutes.

It's 6pm, and it's just the kiddos and I.  My husband is off dressed in his Knight Armor, at the Maintenance Awards Ceremony.  His squadron is the Emerald Knights, so they always ask him to show up all decked out.  He loves it, but that stuff weighs a ton, seriously, he always ends up bruised afterwards.

I honestly can imagine how the knights rode around all day in those things, I can't even imagine them trying to mount a horse.  LOL  Honestly gives me the giggles, for I know if it were me, I would be dragging myself on the ground.

So yeah, he is off doing that tonight, and it's just us.  Kids are playing on the Wii and I thought I would take a few moments to jot some thoughts down, tell you what I've done today, show you some photos and then start on my new Crochet Blanket which I'm super excited about.


First thing in the morning, there he is, ready for dog food. I just can't with this bird, he cracks me up.

Hubby and I were up pretty early this morning, you would think on the weekend we would sleep in late since we're up at 5am each morning, but we do go to bed early, usually by 10:30pm on a weekend we're all asleep.

After enjoying some coffee and some chit chat, I got my grocery list finished off, and I was off to the store. Picked up some lunch on the way home to surprise everyone, it's something I hadn't really done for a long time.

After a quick bite to eat, I set right to putting all the groceries away. I usually get the fridge/freezer stuff packed away and then eat something before continuing because I KNOW it will take me forever.

Ugh, I don't mind shopping but getting everything put away is a chore I kind of dislike. So I rewarded myself with a slice of Triple Chocolate Cake.


Chocolate does make everything better....chocolate and prayer.

I've been wanting to plant some flowers out front, these desert landscape houses are so ridiculously ugly. Some of the houses on base have grass (our previous one did), and then others like our current one is what they call desert landscape, so we get rocks, river stone and brown everywhere and it's quite depressing. So many of us try to change it up a little and bring in some color by planting flowers.

Hubby and I got all the soil down, the seeds planted, the water running etc. It felt wonderful to be outside, and we've been in the upper 80's today.

My inside plants are doing so well, I just have to show you my newest blooms...


Spanish Lavender, smells divine already.


And is there anything as pretty as the Lavender flower?

Maybe not, although the Hyacinths come pretty close. Here are my blue ones...


I just can't wait until the fragrance starts coming through


I also have a pretty pink Hyacinth


My kitchen window is a sea of green lately. I am drying herbs as well, just hung some twine across the window to hang them


So far I have Parsley, Cilantro and Thyme drying.

And on the window sill? Some more celery I'm regrowing.


Did a little more reading this afternoon, not for very long, but that's the beauty of a book, you can catch a few words here or there, carry it around with you wherever you go and read as much or as little as you need to.


Now let me show you my color choices for the new blanket. It's not my usual choice of colors, but I think the end result will be beautiful.


The pattern comes from my 200 Crochet Blocks book, and it's called Floral Fantasy. It's greens and pinks, a pop of purple, a tiny drop of blue and even some brown accents.

I'm excited, as I always am in the beginning of a new project, I'm sure halfway through I'll be wishing for it to hurry up and end and wonder why I got into it to begin with, but that's when I'll start doing smaller projects in between so I don't tire out.

Will show you the progress as it goes.

Have you started anything lately, what is the latest project you're working on?


  1. I've been working on a red, white and blue crochet block blanket for what seems like forever...I work on it here and there but haven't been able to motivate myself to really hanker down and finish it! Ugh. I know I will be happy when I finally do it, but it seems the bigger the project, the harder time I have. I did make 2 of the flower dishclothes the other day to use as doilies for my kitchen window sill. How do you stay so motivated to get so much done each day?!

  2. We've been in the 50's the last couple of days and thought that was fantastic. Although we do get lots of wind because it's the chinook blowing through that allows the temp to go up. And then we have a winter storm warning for today and tomorrow. LOL. Southern Alberta springs, gotta love em.

    I wish I had a window sill to be able to herbs and little pots of flowers. But I have not one in the whole house. I can imagine how cheery and nice smelling they are!

  3. I'm still working on my ripple blanket. It is slow going for me. I love the new colors you chose for your new project. Looking forward to seeing it as you progress. I always enjoy your photographs. Your lavender plant is especially pretty. :)

  4. cant wait to see the progress of your blanket...I am knitting a baby blankie....
    Have a great rest of Sunday, Sandra..


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