28 March 2013

{ What it's all about }


Those moments, when you find yourself in complete contentment.  When you realize that there's no place on earth you would rather be, than right there, in that moment, in that spot, in that time.

That's what it's all about......

You stumble about through your daily routines and work and school and schedules, never really quite finding your footing, never really smiling, always stressed, always distracted, always dodging the bullet *so to speak*.


With camera in hand, I stepped outside, and right on my heels was my boy.  My shadow.  Chatting and telling me about his latest invention, his latest game, his latest achievement and how he wants to fly one day.

I smile, because there's nothing more beautiful than a child's mind, especially knowing that they have the tools to achieve those goals, even if at the time they seem way beyond their reach.  He'll get there, he'll do it, and one day I'll be sitting here again telling you all about his latest adventure.


This is our neighbor's dog.  He is just the most beautiful thing ever, and sweet, and kind and loving and he wants nothing more than just some attention.

My neighbor is a single airman, works long hours, and this poor dog spends a lot of time outside in the backyard, so when one of us is out there, he begs for attention.


He has a special bond with Nicholas.  He climbs up on the chain link fence and waits for Nic to grab him in his arms, to hug him, to pet him, and then they run up and down the fence together, laughing.


And when it's not Nic, it's Lola running up and down with him. He casually puts his paw on the fence and waits, waits a little more, and when he has her attention, they play.


We sat outside for quite a while, just taking it all in. Enjoying the beautiful temperatures, the green grass, the birds and then before I knew it, one of the kids favorite things to do in the summer, was beginning to unfold before my eyes.


I watch him in awe, and contentment. I think to myself "THIS is what it's all about, right here, right now".

Something as simple as the water on a sprinkler can bring so much joy.



As I continued to walk around the yard, his laugh and squeals reverberated around me. It made ME want to laugh out loud.

I miss that, I miss those moments when we were children and had not a care in the world, when the moment that you were in was IT, it was the most important, nothing before it and nothing ahead....just that.

I want to so badly to continue to see the world through a child's eyes. There's nothing more beautiful than that, I believe.


As I was informed...through a child's eyes, a tree is not merely a tree. "Mom that's where the birds live, and see those holes, that's where squirrels make their homes and I bet there's hundreds of little bugs climbing up those leaves."

Why can't I always see things like that? I'm learning to shift the way I have grown accustomed to the world around me, so that I can adopt a childlike point of view. I think I'll be much happier.



All around me things are happening. Birds are hatching in their nests, vegetables are growing in their beds,


children are making new memories and living life to the fullest.




The cycle of life is moving, always, continually.



And then there's me.

Usually just going from day to day, hour to hour, from one chore to another.

No more. I am "getting over myself". I'm going to stop denying myself of what I really should be doing, and how I should be living.

Speaking of which, I have a video that I want you to watch.  It is 22 minutes long, but it will change you, it will move you, it will leave you teary eyed and wondering why you've been denying YOURSELF from the life which God has wanted you to live.

Watch it, enjoy it, take everything you can from it.  



  1. Beautiful photos capturing the joy of the day. Thanks for sharing those. I always enjoy visiting your Blog!

  2. Yup, I really appreciate your recipes AND your thoughts here. God is just Everything! And the attributes of your little boy .....somehow that is how God wants us to be..innocent and single-minded...noticing the beauty of little things like where the birds and squirrels live...the joy of water (nice picture too!). We have a neighbor's dog like that too.

  3. Such beautiful photos... You make me see things with a fresh perspective! Your joy for life is inspiring!! Have a blessed Easter! Hugs!!

  4. I so enjoyed this post, the photos are gorgeous and the words very special. We could all take time to see things through the eyes of children..the sweet innocence. Thank you for sharing. xo

  5. Thank you, Sandra ... for a beautiful post!


  6. Sandra ~ Those are such wonderful photos and the pure joy of your son alone in the sprinkler and then with the neighbor's dog is priceless.

    That video was beautiful and I thank you for sharing it.

    Have a lovely Easter ~ FlowerLady

  7. Home is where I want to be most days. Doing the home stuff, loving my husband...content. Your photos and thoughts are always so inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I think the flour paste cross is more traditional. The icing one must be a bit cheating..too easy! Have a blessed Easter!


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