Saturday, March 16, 2013

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Last week in review

Busy but relaxing week.   I know that sounds totally crazy, I mean how can we be busy but relaxed at the same time?

You can, when the busyness includes doing yard work and enjoying warm days :)

Here's the last week in review.......



Had to stop by Barnes and Noble to pick up college text books for hubby, saw this one on sale and had to grab it.  It has such yummy recipes inside.



A full day of beautiful rain.  Nothing like hearing the rain pounding on the roof and watching the drops roll down the windows. 


March 13, 2013

Some of the things in the bedroom.  Changed out some pictures on the wall, added a few crochet touches here and there. 


Great British Food Revival.  I really enjoy watching cooking shows, well, some of them, there are some on Food Network that I don't much care for maybe because I can't really relate with anything they're cooking.

But some of the shows I really like are the ones that either go back in time and show us foods from bygone eras, or teach us about the origin of food, where certain dishes came from etc.

The Great British Food Revival is a fun series as we watch 10 of the BBC's best chefs and cooks take on great British dishes. 


March 13, 2013

Decorating for Easter.  I love to decorate for each holiday, but I will admit that Easter is especially important for me.  I want my children to know what the real meaning of the holiday is, so I will use some bunnies and eggs, but I mostly use things that pertain to the Bible. 



My backyard filled with weeds and weird mushrooms.  I need to get rid of them because I know that some of these are poisonous, even if they taste good to dogs, and I worry about my girls out there.

So I'll be spending quite a bit of time in the yard this weekend getting rid of these things.


That Sponge Cake will no longer intimidate me. 

I can't bake a decent sponge, no matter how hard I try.  I've had the worst mishaps in the kitchen with these guys.  They either don't rise, or they rise only in the middle, or they're horribly heavy and dense.   But I'm determined to make the perfect sponge and I'm getting very close.

The one above I baked yesterday and it was SO delicious.  I would have liked it to rise a bit more but the taste was fantastic, and the texture was perfect.  I'll get there, eventually!


  1. That is what home-making is all about - and I love it too! By the way, the Homemaker magazine is superb. I know you were looking for it - is it available in the US yet?

  2. Sounds like the perfect week to me, other than the yard work which I keep putting off!

  3. Love this post, especially your special Easter scene! xo


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