Monday, March 25, 2013

{ Monday }

Found him sleeping like this, he must have gotten cold last night and grabbed the ripple blanket :)


Finished Mandala using this pattern by Petra.

Crochet Mandala

Still needs to be blocked, and the last two rows came out a little more wonky than I would have liked, but I still find it adorable.

Crochet Mandala

Chicken that sits on my stove cover

Spent about an hour adding, removing and sorting through my Kindle books


Comfort food.  Stuffed Cubed Steaks, stuffing, what more could you ask for? 

Stuffed Cubed Steaks

The start of a new ripple blanket


Good start to the week, some homemaking, some gardening, some crocheting, some loving from my littles and hugs from my husband.

We had an early dinner as hubby had to be at his classes by 4:45pm and the rest of the evening the kids and I have just been relaxing.

I'm about to start my new ripple blanket, I'll be using Lucy's pattern again which is the one I always use for my ripples.  Can't wait to get started, I think crochet wise, the ripple pattern is one of my favorites for blankets, it works up so quickly and it's very relaxing.

Right, now, I wanted to invite you all to my online Pampered Chef Party.  If you love kitchen gadgets and are looking for some new items for your kitchen, now is your chance.

I love that you can host parties online now, I guess it's one of the perks of technology right?

So, if you feel so inclined and want to join in, just go visit my party here.  My wonderful friend and consultant Amy Eason will answer any questions you may have.

My fingers are itching to get started, so I'm off.  I will be visiting all my Happy Homemaker Monday participants tomorrow morning, and I'm sorry if there was some confusion with the categories.  I need to actually go through and gather all the different categories floating around and whip up a final list for you all.  Does that sound good?

In the meantime, if there is a specific category you don't like and would like removed let me know, and also if you have one you think would fit perfectly with our Monday's, let me know as well. 

Have a blessed night everyone and thank you, as always, for taking time out to come and visit me, I do so appreciate you all :)


  1. Sandra - Your photos are so lovely! Can I ask you what brand of yarn you used for the ripple afghan in the top photo? And I really like the combination of colors in it. I have a granny square afghan that I am hoping to get started some day soon. I've just been so busy with commissioned orders that I haven't been able to work on any personal items. And garden season is right around the corner so my crocheting time will be a lot more limited. Oh well. Thanks for the Pampered Chef invite. I might actually take you up on that. I need a new garlic press. My strong hubby busted mine last year. I bought one from IKEA and it's NOTHING like my PC one was! I miss it!

  2. love your projects Sandra..
    cant wait to see the latest unfold..
    take care,

  3. That Mandala turned out gorgeous!!! I love the beautiful, bright, and vibrant colors.
    That picture with Nicholas and the blanket is adorable.
    I am in love with your chicken that sits on your stovetop. It's so cute. I love the chicken/rooster theme.


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