Saturday, March 23, 2013


I spent my Saturday in a very quiet way.

I think it's the way I most like spending my weekends.  Those days when you don't have a schedule, nothing major on the agenda, and you just putter around the house doing whatever strikes your fancy.

First thing this morning, we had to make a trip to the BX.  Nicholas needed a haircut, so while Curt took him for that, Jasmine and I walked around and stopped at the little used book kiosk.  I always love coming by and saying hi to Pete, and it makes me smile that he knows us by name and never forgets.

Sweet, kind, older gentleman, always ready to help us find a specific book.

There are so many goodies to look through, but what caught my eye was a stack of newly shelved books in the Christian section.


I do so love Wanda Brunstetter and what a surprise to find quite a few gems.


And then as I was getting ready to leave, Jasmine said to me "Oh mom, look".


Oh my! Little Women, oh goodness, how I adore this book, and he gave it to me for $2. I couldn't leave it behind.



I was able to sit on my bed for a bit today, just reading, quietly, with nothing but the hum of the air conditioning going, my windows open and the curtains blowing softly in the breeze. It was glorious and it reminded me of why I love reading so very much.

While my husband mowed the yard and the kids played in the bedrooms, I started another load of laundry and then picked up my crochet hook to start a new Mandala.


I find that when I'm not quiet sure what to make, a quick pretty Mandala is always on my list.

For dinner, we enjoyed a nice meal at Cracker Barrel, took a little drive around town and then came home.

Now we're all showered, in pj's and about to start a movie. Tonight it will be "The Hobbit". I've already been told NOT to fall asleep. LOL

Like I can help that. What can I say, I always start with the best of intentions, but about 30 minutes into a movie I zonk out on the couch. I get frustrated with myself but I just can't help it, so it's become a joke amongst us, and my dear husband children love picking on me about it.

Let's see how far I make it tonight, I would love to be able to watch the whole 3 hours, but I can't make any promises, I may just make a cup of coffee to help. Wish me luck.


  1. I get so excited when I find books at the thrift and end up picking up many for the price of one new one and the hunt, makes it all that more fun.

    Good luck with staying awake during the movie..I try and fail almost every time.

    Have a lovely Sunday. xo

  2. Love the book finds! Especially the Little Women book!!! I remember reading it when I was much younger. It was my mom's copy and it was so worn and tattered and I think that's why I loved it so much. I miss that book, and wonder whatever happened to it.

    Sounds like you had a nice Saturday. Hope you were able to enjoy your movie. I've heard The Hobbit is really good and I look forward to watching it one of these days too.

  3. I love the hunt of finding good Christian books at the used book store. And once in awhile I score a good one at the library "booktique". A weekend spent reading is my favorite kind of weekend.

  4. What beautiful finds you had at the book kiosk today! I do love books, but with trying to downsize and de-clutter, I donated most of what I had, but have them on Kindle, so I can still read them.

    It's a tough battle between real and electronic, but when less dust and *stuff* are concerned, electronic wins with me.

  5. I love finding used books. It's like finding a treasure!


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