Thursday, March 6, 2014

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Homemaking and Thrift Store Treasures!


:::: My morning starts bright and early, I am up with hubby around 6:30am, make us both a cup of coffee and then make his lunch and iron whatever clothes he will need for the day

Orange infused vinegar

:::: After I saw him off to work, I sat down to check my facebook and blogs real quick, and then got dressed and started my usual homemaking.

I had a few baskets of laundry to iron, which I did, and I also gave the kitchen counters a good scrubbing and rearranged some things. I'm never going to have enough counter space in this kitchen because it's tiny AND this house doesn't have a pantry. Bummer!

Sourdough Starter

:::: Next on the list was a new batch of my Amish Sourdough Starter, it's the ONLY starter I use because it's been the only one that works for me.

Bread Machine

::::  For the past two days, my wonderful bread machine has been whipping up some yummy treats.  Yesterday was just some basic white bread, and tonight, I just finished pulling out a Cinnamon and Raisin Loaf.

My husband is the manager of a Thrift Store (lucky me) and so, I'm always being surprised by some amazing finds.  Two days ago he came home with a brand spanking new bread machine.  I don't know if you remember me mentioning a few times that my old one had broken in Arizona?  I have been looking for another for quite a while but it was never in our budget, and especially the past few months since he's retired.  Well, this one had come into the store, still in it's box and plastic etc.  By the end of his shift, it hadn't yet been bought by anyone, so he bought it for a very good price, less than $10.  YAY!!!

It will be put to good use.

Deli slicer

:::: Yesterday morning I had run to his work to drop off some paperwork he needed, and this beauty had just been put out for sale. I snatched it up immediately, couldn't beat the price, it was also less than $10 and it's something I've been wanting for a very very very long time. Buying ham and slicing it at home is much cheaper than buying prepackaged ham, but I didn't want to slice the ham myself as I would never be able to get it thin enough. Now I excited about it, will be trying it for the first time tomorrow and will tell you all about it.

Crochet Mood Blanket

:::: My beautiful Crochet Mood Blanket has been neglected, I have 3 weeks of February to catch up on, plus the first week of March. Oh boy, have a lot of work ahead of me, but I'm determined to finish it.

Now, today hasn't been very productive, save for the early morning housework/ironing session. My niece and nephew were over yesterday for school and she wasn't feeling well, and jokingly said she would pass the cold onto me. Well jokingly or not, she seems to have done just that.

Doesn't help either that last night I had to make a last minute run to Walmart and when I left the store, I was soaked by the rain.

So, sore throat, headache and a low grade fever this afternoon made for a very tiring day. I just wanted to climb into bed at 3pm and sleep this cold away, but alas, I can't.

I pushed on, took it easy, but still managed to make some dinner because my hubby was going to come home at 5pm to each quickly and then set off for his Chemistry class and his part time job, which is actually at the base commissary as the Nestle Merchandiser.

Asian Lemon Chicken Tenders

Anyway, I made some Asian Lemon Chicken Tenders which the kids loved and have asked me to make again. You can check out the recipe over at Full Bellies, Happy Kids.

I just finished watching Reign on the CW, which I really really love, it's such a fantastic show, oh and also Star Crossed, another one I am loving.  I already took my shower and am in my comfy pj's and now just waiting for Curt to get home.

I think I'm going to watch some Vlogs on YouTube to pass the time.  Soon as hubby is here, I will have a hot cup of tea with honey and lemon, take some cold meds and get into my warm bed.  I do hope I'm feeling better in the morning because I have so much I need to get done, like a trip to the library to return the books and working on my craft room a little more so that I can get some sewing done on my second quilt.

I better get on out of here, have a wonderful restful night :)


  1. feel better soon Sandra..

  2. Oh no! So sorry to hear you are sick. I just got over that cold. With it and all the coughing I had lost my voice for days so hopefully you fare better than I did. What helped me was taking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar twice daily. An old home remedy I found when scouring the web for ways to get better quickly. I warn you it's no fun and very gross but it sure did help me. Feel better soon!

  3. Great finds at the thrift store.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. Wow - those are definetly great finds. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. So sorry to hear that you've picked up a cruddy virus...hope that you start feeling better today (Friday)...tea, honey and lemon is a wonderful prescription :-) Add in sugar toast and rest!

    Oh, I'm a bit jealous that your hubby is managing a Thrift Store...bonus for you and you deserve it! Wowzer finds so far with the bread maker and lunch meat slicer.

    I really really enjoy your posts about your daily doings...inspires me to be the homemaker!!

    Liz in Mississippi

  6. Hope you are feeling better soon. Lucky you to have a hubby with who is a thrift store you will get first dibs on all the good stuff. What a fun job that would be. I would totally love it! Have a great weekend. I love your fun posts about regular, everyday life.

  7. So curious about the meat slicer! My husband has wanted one for a long time. Hope you are feeling better. Seems everyone is sick :-(

  8. Great thrift store finds! Hope you feel better soon!

  9. Nice! I can't wait to see how the slicer works!

  10. Oh my goodness, a brand new bread maker for $10? Lucky you! My hubby bought one of them potato bags from the a Hutterite fella who was selling them. They make the moistest potatoes. We love it. And when everyone is home there is 5 of us.


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