Saturday, March 1, 2014

Week in Review....New Month...and I'm BACK!


Well first and foremost, happy 1st of March.  Can you believe it?

I almost can't because it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Christmas, and now here we are on the very first day of March.

Oh my friends, where have I been?  My poor blog has been so neglected lately and all the good intentions in the world just didn't give me the time and attention that was needed to keep updating on a daily basis.

But guess what?  I have some news to report.  Today we helped my brother and his family settle into their new home.  It's been 8 months in the making and now they are finally in their own place, setting up their house and beginning a new chapter in their lives.

It's been a hard 8 months for us all, many sacrifices on both parts, many tears and many laughters, but through it all the love we have as a family has sustained us and helped us adapt to all the changes that were going on for both families.

For me one of the hardest parts of it all, was not being able to continue blogging and recording my daily life as I have grown so accustomed to doing. I've missed my camera, I've missed taking some time to just photograph a moment in my day and sharing it with you.

It was like a big part of me became dormant, and now it's back and I'm raring to go, and so eager and happy to get back into my old routine.


So yes, starting tomorrow, you can expect normal blogging filled with snippits of my day, crafts, crocheting and my cooking which also took a back burner for the past few months.

It's not easy cooking for such a large amount of people, you have to rely on filling, easy, inexpensive meals, which meant new recipes was not an option for us.  But, now I can do that again and you all know how much I love cooking :)


Right, so with that out of the way, let me show you just a few shots that I took of my super busy week.


:::::  Enjoying some yummy candy that reminds me of home *Liquorice All Sorts*


:::::  Early morning stolen moments for crocheting.  Got up very early while the whole household was asleep, sat on my bed, enjoyed some coffee and crochet.


::::: Mid afternoon break, right between homeschooling ending and the preparation of dinner beginning. Some crochet and a few shortbread cookies.


::::: The start of meal planning


Thursday I had to go and take my written test for my new Idaho Driver's License.  When you move to Idaho, you need to get an Idaho Driver's License and for that, you must take the written test again.

I studied and studied and even did online tests etc.  I was so nervous, I've never been one to like testing of any kind and I really didn't want to have to fail it and keep going back.

I did manage to pass but I was shaking the whole time, and it was quite frustrating because some of the questions were worded so weird, it's a miracle I even got the correct answer.  LOL

Thankful though that is out of the way.


:::::  Mid day recharge with a hot cup of coffee.  Needed the energy to keep going.


:::::  Morning after an all night thunderstorm.  I love how the grass seems to glisten in the sun.

So that is basically what my week consisted of, with some more driving kids around to different activities, a full day of errands and back and forth, homeschooling, puppy babysitting and potty training and the usual craziness of a full house.

I am missing them all at the moment, just not used to being us 4 again, but I know it's a good thing for both families.  Much as we love being together, we all need our space too.

Tomorrow we're going to be busy around here.  Jasmine has moved back into her bedroom, which was being used by my brother and sister in law.  Nicholas is being moved from his old tiny bedroom into the room the girls were sharing because it's bigger.  The 4th bedroom will be turned into a homeschooling/office area.

So lots of organizing and moving and changing etc.  I also have a full day of laundry to catch up on, bed linens and curtains and odds and ends and I want to change my living room around a tiny bit. 

The family will be coming over for dinner and to watch Walking Dead which we always do on Sunday nights, so it should be fun.

I'm also going to show you some great Thrift Store finds I got the past few days, 3 items I've been looking for, for a while and so glad I found them :)

Alrighty, it's bed time for me, I'm beyond exhausted.  Have a restful blessed night!


  1. The year is flying by for sure!! I know your brother and family will be glad to finally settle in a home of their own. You are a special lady! I love my sisters but could NEVER live that long with them!!

  2. Welcome back! I know you all love each other, but it's hard to have 2 families under one roof. It's a great step for your brother and his family.
    Love the pictures!

  3. hope youre having a great weekend Sandra...
    love the pics..

  4. Welcome back, Idaho Girl!! I enjoy your posts and pics very much and am glad you'll be back to your ol' blogging style! Best of luck to your family in their new home and hubby at his new job. I can just FEEL the happiness in your spirit as you look forward to creating your routines again :-)

    Stay warm,
    Mississippi Liz

  5. I'm so excited for all of you. It's a new chapter for sure. Sounds like everyone will remain close though with Sunday, family Walking Dead time. I completely understand being busy, but selfishly, I'll be glad for more updates and pictures. Sometimes, for me, being the stay at home mommy with an often traveling husband I feel like catching up on my blogs and facebook is my only connection to the outside world and other adults. Hahaha.

  6. MMM! Liquorice All Sorts were a definite favourite growing up and still remind me of my Grampa when I eat them now :)

    All the best for this next part of your adventure!


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