Saturday, August 08, 2015

Checking off my to do list!

My to do list is ever growing and I haven't had much motivation to get anything on it done.

You all know that the past few months I haven't quite been myself, I've had a lot going on and have been a bit in the dumps, and when you're not quite feeling yourself, everything seems to pile up, and the more it piles up the worse things get.

We have a a family reunion coming up next weekend, actually we'll have family members arriving on Wednesday and then every day until they all leave on Sunday.  It's going to be quite busy around here and I really don't mind, I'm looking forward to it, but I would be lying if I didn't say that in all the excitement I'm also feeling completely overwhelmed and wondering if this is going to go off without a hitch.

Since we've moved here, we've had family over practically every weekend and as blessed as we have been to have all the company, we've also had to put our own stuff on hold, moving in completely, house projects etc.

Now those projects are all piling up, and we have added things we need to get done before the reunion.

As much as I would like to just ignore it all, turn a blind eye or pass the list onto someone else, I know that I need to get in there and just get it done.

So today, I brought out part of the list, and got to work.

To Do List

First thing this morning, hubby and I made a run to Family Dollar first for a few items.  Some cleaning supplies, some drinks, nail polish remover, liquid eyeliner, I got a big Lasagna pan that I need to make some food for the reunion and some composition books for the kids.

One of the things on the list was to finished unpacking and organizing Nicholas' closet, so that is what I worked on.


While I did that, Curt carpet cleaned the living rooms.

Once that was done, I moved outside and got some of the wood piled up.  I think we're set for he winter as we have so much wood all over the property, tons of tree stumps, tons of broken trees and branches strewn around.


I didn't stay outside too long though as it was 105 degrees, not that it's bad when you've lived in Arizona for a few years like we did, anything less than 120 seems not too bad HAHA


Wanna see something funny?

I don't go outside in flip flops, I always grab my son's boots because the prickly weeds out there are terrible right now.  Kinda weird walking around with these big boots and a sundress, but hey it works.


Sun through the trees



I still can't believe that I'm living in this beautiful area, every time I go out to the yard I breathe in the fresh air and thank God for allowing me to live here.  So blessed!

With a lot of the outside things checked off the list, I came back in and worked in the kitchen.  It wasn't really on my list but ever since I moved in I've wanted to move things around a bit, organize, change it up etc.

I went ahead and did just that, started with the pantry, and the moved into the actual kitchen.  I removed some things from the counters and replaced it with others, and I also went ahead and got a whole Coffee and Tea Station set up on my baker's rack......not just for me, but I think it will be quite helpful and practical during the reunion.

I'll have to take some pictures tomorrow to show you.

So yes, things are getting checked off the list and I'm feeling so much better about it.  It usually takes so much effort to get started, especially if you're feeling down or overwhelmed, but once you get going it's amazing how much better you feel.

Tomorrow I plan on continuing getting things set up, and we also have some family members dropping by in the afternoon with some things for the reunion and some last minute planning to finalize.

Looks like another busy day.

Oh well, not going to let it bother me, just going to push on and get busy with checking off more things off the list.


  1. I hope that you enjoy the reunion and that it goes well. Can you perhaps enlist some of your family to get some of the jobs on your list done while they are staying with you? Family are usually willing pitch in and help if asked. Hope that you have fun whatever you do! xx

  2. I had no idea you had so much family in Texas. For some reason, I always thought Curt was from Idaho.
    I always stress out when family comes to my house. I usually have Christmas at my home & cook the majority of the food. I love having them over but Christmas is always a rushed time for us because of the pecan crop. Oh well. We are creating memories for family right?!
    I hope you have a productive week but not easy flow of things!

  3. Ah, to do lists! I love a good list. I need to get on with my jobs too.

    Beautiful pictures, it looks so lovely. xxx

  4. Sometimes getting those lists out and in front of my face is motivating. Sounds like you accomplished quite a lot once you got going. Enjoy that family reunion and then have a nice restful day once every one heads home.


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