Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday's Letters - 08/28/2015

Friday's Letters

Dear weather......I was so happy to see some rain this week, it didn't last long and it wasn't for many days, but it was enough to quench the thirst for you.

Dear are one of God's most beautiful creations and I'm so blessed to see you fluttering around my yards.

Dear pecan trees.....goodness, do you know that you're one of my favorite nuts?  Do you also know that I'm so happy to have 5 of you on my property?

Dear America.....what is happening with you?  Where has this amazing, beautiful, power country gone?  All I see lately is political correctness, attacks, sadness, fighting, violence and disregard for fellow human beings.  I'm so sadness by these events and I can only pray that things change, and they change fast.

Dear body.....I think the last few months have finally caught up with you.  I'm sorry for waking up crying my eyes out, that ugly uncontrollable gut wrenching cry brought on by months of physical exhaustion and mental drainage.  It felt good to let it out though and I feel much better now.

Dear finances.....we are in a power struggle at the moment, and you're winning, I'll give you that.  Thing is, I'm not a quitter and I plan on not only catching up but overcoming, just you wait and see.

Dear's been two days since the online servers have gone down and I know that you're technicians are working diligently on it, but it's a little frustrating when I realize how much work we're getting behind on, nevertheless, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and just wait it out.

Dear God......thank you for always being there, for seeing me through everything and for continuing to light my way, I could never make it without you. 

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