Monday, February 1, 2016

# happy homemaker monday

Happy Homemaker Monday - 02/01/2016

Good morning everyone, it's Monday again, can you believe it?  I had a pretty good weekend and I hope you did too, but now it's time to get back to work and school, you all ready for it?

The Weather:::
Little chilly this morning, it's 36 degrees, but the high this afternoon will be 72 and I'm good with that.  Actually the past few days we've had such beautiful warm weather, Saturday afternoon we hit 82, can you believe that?  Looking forward to a warm week ahead.

Right now I am:
Sitting up in bed, trying to catch up on my DVR which has gotten way full.  I'm also enjoying a cup of coffee and typing this post up.

About what I need done this week.  Also my daughter's ex oyfriend is coming in tonight for a visit and staying tomorrow as well.  Long story, but to summarize, he is very much in love with her and has made a lot of changes, cut a lot of bad influences from his life and made apologies just at the possibility of a second chance with her.  As a mother, it is always a worry because we don't want our children to hurt, but I also firmly believe that everyone deserves a second chance if they truly want it, and recognize what they did wrong and are willing to do everything in their power to fix it.  We don't know what tomorrow will bring, but as parents all we can do is support our children and be there for them through the good and the bad times, right?

Looking forward to:::
Getting some more organizing done in the house, and preparing for my family to arrive in 2 weeks.  Goodness time flies.  Also looking forward to another week of workouts, I did so well last week and managed to stick with it and hold myself accountable.  I feel so much better :)

On my reading pile:::

Still working my way through the two library books.

On my tv:::
Catching up on the DVR list:

Curse of Oak Island
Mercy Street
DC's Legends of Tomorrow  

Things that make me happy:::
Hosting get togethers at my house, chatting, visiting and spending time with friends and family.

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Out to dinner with daughter's ex
Tuesday - One skillet chili mac
Wednesday - Mozzarella Meatballs and Spaghetti
Thursday -  Stuffed Cubed Steaks, Mixed Veggies
Friday - Beefy Cheesy Spaghetti Casserole 
Saturday -  Makeover Rigatoni w/ Bacon
Sunday - Tomatillo, Cilantro Chicken Enchiladas

On my to do list:::
Vacuum and Carpet Clean
Get room ready for visit

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Adding the last row to my crochet blanket

Looking around the house:::

Just the usual cleaning and tidying up, the only room that needs a little more effort is my green living room, that's where we watch TV, play games etc, and my son played Playstation for a few hours yesterday, so he's left his shoes and socks laying around, empty bowls, glasses etc.  Boys, boys, boys.

From the camera:::

Just a little preview of what I did this weekend


On my prayer list:::
My brother and sister in law, for their upcoming move.  Hoping my brother manages to get a transfer here to Texas, but if not, then that they both find jobs pretty quickly.
For this country, more and more I am sadness by some of the things I see.  It's really heartbreaking to witness how God keeps being removed from everything around us.

Bible verse, devotional, favorite quote:::


  1. I hope things work out with your daughter's ex. Your menu sounds yummy! Have a great Monday!

  2. So you piqued my interest - what went in the totes?

    BIG prayers that things go well for Jasmine as she meets with her ex. I know as a momma bear you just want to wrap her up and protect her from any potential pain. Kudos to you for being supportive AND protective at the same time.

    Also BIG prayers for your brother and his family as they take the plunge to make a big move also.

    Have a wonderful week my friend.

  3. I like that quote. Happy monday, and thank you for hosting. :)

  4. Oh I dream of 70 degree weather - soak up extra sunshine for me! ;)

    Prayers all will go well for Jasmine's sake. And I so relate with your boys boys boys comments and their often laziness and lack of cleanliness! Lol!

    Hope you have a great week ahead. thanks for hosting! xoox

  5. Your menu looks delicious. I may take some of yours into consideration as I make mine today.

    I hope everything goes well with Jasmine and her ex. You are a very forgiving momma, as I don't know that I'd let him come stay with us after seeing my daughter so upset. I guess I've got a lot to work on before my kids are dating.

    I can't wait to see your finished blanket.

    Have a wonderful week.

  6. I hope things work out for Jasmine! It's good to see you getting warmer weather, I know how things can just shut down in Texas if it snows! Have a beautiful week!

  7. I hope that all goes well and that things go well with the boyfriend visit. I know that you will guide them as best as you can. xx

  8. Hope all goes well for your daughter and her ex. Wow, what great weather you've had there. Warmer weather always makes me happy. Hope you have a wonderful week!


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