Tuesday, December 18, 2018

{ Home Day }


It felt so good to have a full home day, and by that I mean, not having to leave the house not even for 5 minutes.  That whole homebody thing?  Yeah, that's me, I'm most comfortable in my house.

So, the kicker is that I kept thinking that I needed a day at home to get caught up on some things, to start the Christmas cooking and baking and so on.  And then today came, and it started with a bad allergy attack which had me turning to my Benadryl.  I'm sure you know how that went.

I fell back asleep around 7:40am and woke up at 8:14am.  Not a long nap at all but I felt so much better. 


I had every intention of getting into the kitchen and starting my baking, at least the caramels that I want to make to gift.  But, after getting the house picked up and tidy, I sat on the couch with my Ubuntu CAL blanket and decided to crochet instead. 

I've decided, as I always seem to with other crochet alongs, to end my project a few parts before the actual finish line.  I just find that the blankets get so incredibly heavy and sometimes the extra rows on the border are a bit too much, too busy, for my liking.

So I finished off the last few rows of Part 8 and I'm calling it done.  When I have another full day at home, I'll sew in the ends and then I can pack it away with all my other completed blankets.


And speaking of completed blankets, I think my pile is needing a little TLC and reorganizing, goodness.  My bigger basket is being used for something else at the moment, so all the blankets are piled into this smaller one, which is threatening to topple over any minute. 

It sure is pretty thought isn't it?

I'll give it a good reorganize and tidy either tomorrow or the next day.


I am officially done with all the Christmas shopping and wrapping, it feels good to be done and just waiting for the day.

Even though, honestly, this year has been a bit stressful when it comes to the get togethers, the gift buying and the whole season in general.  I don't think I've ever felt quite as overwhelmed or stressed in previous years, so much so that earlier this afternoon I almost felt the need to just cancel everything and keep it just me and the hubby and kids.

Much as I love having a lot of family around, I am not gonna lie, I do miss our quiet, relaxing small celebrations when it was just us 4.

Tomorrow it's back at it, another busy day of driving people back and forth to work.  I tell you, I can NOT wait to get my little car up and running again so that I only have to worry about driving one person around.  I will say though, being a one car family is totally doable, it's not always fun and it does take some finagling around to make sure everyone gets where they're needed, but it's not the end of the world.

It will be better next week, since Curt has the week off from work.  I'm looking forward to that, for sure.

Right, I am going to finish off The Innocent Man on Netflix, which by the way, if you enjoy crime related documentaries kind of like Making a Murderer, you will enjoy this one.  It's along the same lines and quite fascinating to watch.  I'm on episode 5 or 6 I think and not really sure how many there are in all, but if anything I'll watch at least one episode tonight.


  1. I may get a day at home after Christmas. How nice you got one this week. I'm excited to hear what you will be baking. Happy Wednesday.

  2. Love all your wrapped packages.


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