Tuesday, December 11, 2018

{ Little bits here and there }


I was out all morning, drove Curt to work, Jasmine to work, then had to pick up prescriptions at the base hospital and then pick up my husband for lunch.  He dropped me off at home around 12:30 and that was when I was finally able to start on my household chores.

The first thing I got into were the dishes and the kitchen, because for some reason, I find that if my kitchen is clean and tidy, then everything else seems to run smoothly.  It may sound silly considering the kitchen is predominantly just for cooking, but when mine is sparkling clean, the rest of the house seems to follow and things just run better for me.

Once I was done with that I got started on some Christmas cards.  I don't think I got around to sending any last year, I had the best intentions but it just got away from me.  I do miss the days where every single day in December we would get cards in the mail, but I think with the technology and social media, it's all become online business and people no longer take the time to sit and write a personal note.

I have received a few this year and it made me smile to know that those friends and family, sat down and put pen to paper just to send us a little Christmas cheer.


Once I was done with everything I had on my list, I sat down to catch up on the last two sermons from Pastor Steven Furtick.  I always watch live on Sundays but since being sick and then last week my son was sick, I ended up missing the sermons and I was really missing them.


I am a note taker and I find that while I'm watching sermons or even attending church, I write down those quotes that touch me the most, those that speak the loudest to my heart.  I take note of the date, the church, the name of the sermon and any scripture mentioned, because I like being able to to go back and reread them.


Before I knew, it was time to get dinner started.  Curt actually picked Jasmine up from work today because she was one at 5:30 and he leaves base around 5pm, so it made sense for him to go straight there instead of me driving back and forth again. 

Because dinner was quite quick to throw together and they both wouldn't be home until 5:45pm the earliest, I prepped the meal but didn't start it until 5.  I made garlic and butter potatoes and some baked tilapia. 

I'm quite happy that tomorrow I am home all day and able to potter around, bake some bread, and try to work on some of my WIPs.

I want to take some time to go through all my baskets and set aside all those projects that have been left unfinished and hopefully start slowly getting them done.  There are so many other crochet and knitting projects I want to tackle, but I think it would be pointless to start anything at this point, only to end up in a basket in a corner of the house.

It's hard to hold back though, I'm sure all the other crafters out there understand exactly what I'm talking about, it's almost like trying not to buy a new book while at the book store.  Impossible!!!

And speaking of books, I have a few still left to review and more coming in, but I've been dying to get to my library for more.  I keep telling myself not to do it because it's pointless, but I love libraries so very much and it's been quite a long time since I've done a library book post. 

Tell you what, if I do make it to the library, I will be sure to let you know :)

The exhaustion is kicking in and I'm yawning like crazy, so I best get on out of here.  Goodnight friends.

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  1. totally agree with you on the Christmas cards. have a wonderful day at home


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