Monday, December 10, 2018

{ A simple Christmas }


:::: Have you ever heard the saying "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without"?

It is actually one of my favorite quotes, so much so that I've mentioned it quite a few times here on the blog.

I'm a huge believer in using what is already on hand and not spending money on unnecessary things, and with Christmas literally around the corner, I've decided that one thing I am not going to spend money on, is wrapping paper.  Why?   Well because I have a few small pieces left from last year, and I've also got brown wrapping paper, which I used for my Thanksgiving Table.


I knew that I wanted to use the brown paper for most of the wrapping, just because I've wanted to do it for many years but never got around to it.

I wasn't quite sure what to do and I didn't want it to just be plain brown wrapping and nothing else, so I went in search of fun ideas to for Christmas gifts and came upon the snowflakes.  I had such a wonderful time making the snowflakes for these gifts and can't wait to make more as I continue wrapping.

I don't have ribbon on all of them yet, that's something else that I'm going to make do with, using the ribbons I already have on hand.  But I'll show you all when it's done.

Honestly, I think these are my favorite gifts to date.  There is something so beautiful about the simple brown paper with the white snowflakes.



:::: The morning started with chilly cold and frost on the grass outside.  It didn't really warm up too much but we did have quite pretty blue skies and bright sun shining down on us.  I sometimes open the back screen door and leave it open to let in some fresh but as much as I wanted to do it today, I couldn't bring myself to let in that frosty cold.



:::: Set my kitchen towels and potholders to soak.  I love soaking them in laundry soap or sometimes a mixture of vinegar and baking soda with a few drops of essential oil, in this case Lavender.


:::: Afternoon cuddles and relaxing under warm blankets.  He was so cold, so I covered him with a blanket and he just curled into a ball right under it, so sweet.


::::  Got more Christmas presents in the mail and got to wrapping.  When I say that I'm keeping it super easy and low key this year, I mean it.  I'm sticking to one or two gifts per person, and not spending a lot of money.  I find that it really makes you take the time and effort to find that special gift when you don't have an unlimited budget to use, and I really think that this year we were able to find gifts that will be used and enjoyed by all.


:::: Dinner tonight was Chicken Sopa, a recipe I got off my church cookbook.  It was delicious so I will try to get the recipe up on the food blog tomorrow. 

It's going to be a busy one because I'll be back driving Jasmine and Curt around.  I do need to get my ironing done and work on the Christmas cards to go in the mail as well, so I'm hoping to do all of that in the few hours I have at home.  As always I will take pictures of my day and share them with you.

I know that my days are pretty much the same and sometimes I feel a little like anyone reading my blog may get bored with the same humdrum each day, but what I share is what I'm doing and often it's the same kind of routine day in and day out.  That's my life and that's all I can really share.

I guess I could go out and try to find different things to do or share to make it more interesting, but then it wouldn't be me and it wouldn't be real, and I don't want to ever share something on my blog that is not who I really am or a true representation of my life :)

Of course if I am out doing something fun and remember to take the camera, I will be more than happy to share with you all, but for the most part, what you'll find here is a true peek into my life, simple as it is.

Well friends, I'm going to finish watching some Vlogmas videos and then need to catch up on some Pastor Furtick sermons, I've missed the last two because I was sick the first one, and was taking Jasmine to work the second one.

Anyway, have a good restful night.  God bless!!!


  1. I'm a big believer in finding joy in the ordinary. Humdrum days are my favorite!

  2. Your presents look so nice! I've done a lot in brown kraft paper too this year. I wrap them in red and white cord, and sometimes tie some red buttons on the cord. It looks old fashioned and festive.
    Your frost photo is so pretty!

  3. Very nice. I remember several years when money was especially tight using brown paper, and making a stamp of a Christmas tree, a star (for the top) by cutting up a sponge, and using some green and gold paint to stamp the paper. We used to make Christmas cards too. One year I made cranberry walnut loaf cakes as gifts.

  4. That's been our family motto for years.


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