Monday, December 17, 2018

{ I just love books }

I was typing up the Happy Homemaker Monday post this morning, and I had said in there that I wasn't reading anything at the moment, as I was expecting new review books to come in.

Low and behold, I got two in the mail today, which made me very happy.

The first one I'll be reading is the Tamera Alexander "With this Pledge".  Ooohhh I can't wait!!!

I have also been trying to finish my Diana Gabaldon's "The Drums of Autumn", which has been slow going because I had so many review books the past few months, and only really got to read it here and there, when I had a spare moment between books.

I don't have any pictures for you today, or anything really to share.  It was quite a busy day of driving around and not much time spent at home to be able to do anything.

Tomorrow I'll be home all day, so I'm already excited for that.  I'm such a homebody, there are people out there who love being out and don't enjoy being in their homes.  I'm the total opposite, I think I would be fine never leaving my house for anything, crazy isn't it?

I'm hoping to start some Christmas baking tomorrow, there are quite a lot of cookies and candies I want to try and make, and since it's all easily frozen or stored in tupperware containers, I think it's good to make them in advance and not leave it all for the last moment.

This weekend I'll do some of the cooking itself.  As always, if you've following me for any amount of years, you know that our big day is Christmas Eve.  We fill the food with a bunch of different treats, lots of Portuguese goodies, and then open presents at midnight.  We don't actually do anything on Christmas day, other than lay around and relax, although this year we have a small get together at our house.

Anyway, yes, today was busy for me, I was mostly out of the house, so the little amount of time I was home, I got my daily cleaning chores done and tried to prep meals as I went so that I wouldn't be rushed.

I almost didn't come in to do this post because I hadn't done anything worth sharing, but I am trying so very hard to be consistent in my daily blogging and making sure that I don't let more than a day or two go between here I am, boring day and all :)

I do think that it will be wonderful to one day go back and read all these entries, and remember these things that were happening in this moment and time.  Remember I was telling you that I've been turning my blog to books, well as I've gone back and read through all the old posts, I am fascinated by what was going on at that point in time.  Things I had completely forgotten about, even small things like what we are having for dinner that day, or what one of the kids said etc.  Just amazing memories that I will treasure forever.

My husband actually thanked me the other day for keeping this blog going, and doing the blog to books as well, because of the memories we've been able to create and now have on paper.  I can't wait to one day see all my blog books on the bookshelf.  One day!!!

Well friends, I'm going to end this one for now, watch a little TV and then head to bed. 

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  1. I'm happy to have discovered your blog.It's a real pleasure to know your world of every day !


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