Sunday, December 02, 2018

{ And then it happened }


My day was your typical Sunday, chores, laundry, dishes and pottering around the house.  I cleaned out two of our hallway closets and moved some things around.  In doing so I found my box with all my African decorations.


I couldn't for the life of me remember where I had put everything, and was starting to feel crazy trying to find them.  After sitting in that closet for the past 3 years (I know, insane), things were dusty and needing some cleaning, so I gave it all a good wash.

I finished off my Blog to Book for the year 2015 and then it happened......

We had to take Jasmine in to her first day at work.  How did we get here, how are we at this stage in our lives?

Do you ever just sit back and think how quickly time flies, how quickly life changes?

Curt and I left her at work and on the way home we were talking about this very thing.  The fact that we feel like just yesterday we were carrying her around on our hip, and now she's off, starting this huge chapter in her life.

It's all so new and exciting, she's so happy to be going out on her own (so to speak), working towards earning her own money and college really becoming an adult.  She's also very nervous about it all and struggling a bit, she says the thing she is most nervous about is having to be an adult for real.  Hahah

Oh Jasmine, I know that feeling, I still struggle with this and I'm 44.  There's days I miss being a teenager and not having responsibility or worries, or being looked to for decisions that are frightening at times.

But it's all part of life.

She's in a good place, we're all in a good place.  We have our daughter nearby, staying put, not moving like she had planned to.  She is completely focused on her career and then attending college, and I know for certain that God has His hand in all of this.  I know He has the right man out there for her, and thankfully, hopefully someone local so she doesn't have to deal with long distance relationships anymore.


It is now 7:40pm, and I'm sitting on my bed, just killing time until we have to go back to pick her up at 9pm.

She has been there since 4pm, and that doesn't seem like a lot, but we all know that very first day at work, it's all so overwhelming, and tiring.  She had a little break and quickly messaged me to tell me that she's only half way through her training and that she's cold and hungry.

The mom in me wants to fly there, wrap her in a blanket, bring her food and take her home.

And then the sensible part of me has to remind that mommy part that this is it.  There is no more rescuing her from a difficult moment or trying to make it all better all the time.  She is an adult, she is about to turn 20 and she will be fine.

It's not even HER who has the problem or even thinks these things.  It's me.  It's this mom learning to navigate this new way of raising my children, having to step back, letting whatever has to happen happen and handing over that control.

That is one tough thing to do.

So here I sit, looking at the clock, anxiously awaiting the hour to go and fetch her just to hear all about it.

This is a part time seasonal position, so it will be just for this month of December, but it's going to be insanely busy for us as a family, and for me especially as I'll be driving her back and forth every day.

It will be ok though, and I'm so happy and proud of her.

Well friends, I'm going to find something to watch on TV, get everything set up for tonight and tomorrow morning so it makes it run smoother.

Hope you all have had a fantastic weekend, and I'll see you all back here in the morning with our Happy Homemaker Monday :)

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