Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Letting nature do it's job

It is hot out there, my word, scorching crazy heat!!!

I have tried to stay indoors as much as possible, but then again there is a lot of yard work and projects that require us being outside for long periods of time.

I was thinking earlier of how annoying it is to want to be out in the sun doing things but struggling with feeling like you're going to melt....and let's not even talk about the sweating.  The boob sweat is real!!!

There's sweat in places I did not even know existed, just so you get an idea of how hot it has been around these parts.  LOL


I took some time this morning to transplant some herbs in the garden.  This pot was made my Jasmine back in July 2016, when she was attending therapy.

Lola had just passed away, and one of the tools that the therapist used for helping with the grief, was by having Jasmine cut out pictures of Lola and words that were synonymous with her.  It's a very sweet project and it helped her deal with the pain of losing our pet.

I used the pot to transplant my mint into, I did not want the mint taking over the garden or destroying my other plants.  It has new shoots and leaves coming up, so it's the perfect time to get it in it's new home.  Once my regrown mint starts rooting, I will plant it in this pot as well.



The garden was watered and all the plants are doing well, although my tomato plant has brown leaves which have dried up, I'm not sure if that means it's at the end of it's season or if it's developing some sort of disease.  There are tons of new green leaves coming in, but also quite a bit of brown brittle leaves falling apart.

I'm also seeing a lot of splitting on the new tomatoes coming in.

You know this is all new to me and it's been a huge lesson in patience and observance.  I am sure my next tomato plants will do much better :)


My lemon tree is doing really really well.  It's also producing new bright green leaves and branches, and new blossoms too.  I'm so happy with it :)

When I was done with tending to the garden, I set to washing and hanging bed sheets, and as I watched them blowing in the wind a thought came to my mind "Make use of what you have around, for example, letting nature do it's own thing, do it's job, take care of what it needs."


And that is so true!!!

Not only does nature take care of it's plant and animal life, but if you give it the chance, it will also help you with your housework.

Letting nature air dry our laundry is a much easier and cheaper way to dry our clothes without having to turn on the tumble dryer.


As I was taking these photos, I caught Marley intently watching me from the doorway.  I walked over, asked him to sit like a good handsome boy so I could take a picture, and he did.  Hahaha


He is such a handsome boy, I absolutely adore his sweet face and gentle eyes.

I spent most of my afternoon, sitting cross legged on the floor playing around with my quilt.  I started this one around the same time that I did my previous one.  The year was 2012 and I was picking up this quilting craft for the very first time.

Boy was I nervous.  Quilting can be quite a serious business and everyone has their own opinion and advice and thoughts of the perfect way to quilt and how to set things up and so on.  I was intimidated to say the least, but I didn't let that get in the way, I just went for it.


The feeling when I was finished, was like nothing I had ever felt before.  I was so proud of myself loved the way it turned out.  I still have that quilt, matter of fact I used it just this weekend when I took some photos of Eva.

So here I am, I pulled it out of storage, and have been playing around, placing things here and there.  I find the placing of the blocks one of the most fun parts of quilting.

I can NOT wait to see it come together.  I think I'm going to give my kids these quilts, one each, and it's something they can keep for a very long time.

Also, while we are talking about crafting, I have my new crochet project picked, just need to get yarn this weekend and I can get going.  I haven't felt this excited about crochet in a long time.  I'll share with you once I get going.

Before I leave, I wanted to ask you all for some prayers for our vehicle situation.  My Sonic has been sitting at the dealership for a month and it is looking like General Motors is refusing to honor the warranty to replace the turbo.  They are extremely picky and want this and that and the next and will do anything not to have to shell out a new engine and turbo.  Oh well.

We've prayed on it, and I've asked God to guide us and if having this car fixed is NOT a blessing or good for us, then I'm ok with it not being fixed, but if it is, then I ask Him to make this happen for us.

We will know by Friday if it's a go ahead and fix or if we will sadly be towing it back to our house until we can afford to either do the repairs ourselves or pay off the amount we owe, which is done next August and then figure something out from there.

In the meantime, we are a one car family, and I'm having to drive Curt and Jasmine both back and forth to work.  It's a little frustrating and gas is expensive, but if this is what is meant for us at the moment and is led by God, then I'll accept it and deal with it.

We do have a vehicle that we could possibly use, but it means having permission from the owner and getting insurance and registration and so forth set up so that we can legally do so.  I've left that in God's hands too.

So I guess I'm just asking for prayers for our current situation, however it is meant to work out.

Well friends, I am going to make a cup of tea and sit down with some Star Trek before bedtime.  Hope you all have a blessed evening :)


  1. Praying for your vehicle situation. With the heat you're having, your sheets should be dry in no time.

    1. Thank you for the prayers :) Yes they dried in 5 minutes lol

  2. We have experienced a lot of heat as well, but a cool wave hit today and is suppose to last the rest of the week. It is a nice break for sure! Certainly praying the best for your vehicle situation and praying the Lord's will be done. Enjoyable post!

    1. I'm hoping for a cool wave and would love some rain too. Thank you for your prayers :)

  3. Marley is a serious little man when he wants to be


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