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About Hell and High Water

• Paperback: 282 pages
• Publisher: Level Best Books (March 31, 2020)

Alaskan attorney Maeve Malloy isn’t sure she’s cut out to be a lawyer. All she wants is to be treated like everyone else. Hiding her past, she takes a kitchen job at a remote lodge while she sorts out her life. The day after she lands at Fox Island, a tourist is killed and a rampaging bear has trapped her and the lodge’s guests inside.

The locals cops can’t get to the lodge because of a storm so they ask Maeve for help. Her cover is blown and she’s thrown back into investigating the who, why, and wherefore of the murder before a killer among them can strike again.

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About Keenan Powell

Keenan Powell is the award-nominated author of the Maeve Malloy Mystery series. Her first publication were illustrations in Dungeons and Dragons, 1st edition, while in high school.

Art seemed to be an impractical pursuit – she wasn’t an heiress, didn’t have the disposition to marry well, and hated teaching – so she went to law school instead. The day after graduation, she moved to Alaska, where she continues to practice law.

In 2009, there was a string of homeless deaths which the Alaska Medical Examiner had ruled were the result of natural causes. While attending a legal seminar, she learned of a little-known law that permits the medical examiner to declare death by natural causes without performing an autopsy. These deaths and that loophole inspired her to write Deadly Solution.

She won the William F. Deeck-Malice Domestic grant which led to a three-book deal with Level Best Books. Deadly Solution was published in January of 2018 and was nominated for a Lefty, Agatha, and Silver Falchion.

When not writing or practicing law, Keenan can be found connecting with readers on social media, chatting with fellow mystery authors in the Bouchercon and Crime Bake community, oil painting, or studying the Irish language.

Find out more about Keenan at her website, and connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you love mysteries, you will loveeeeee Hell and High Water by Keenan Powell.

The first thing I will say is that, though you can read this as a standalone, this books is book 3 of a series.  I didn't think it affected the story overall, but I think had I read the previous 2 books, I may have had a better understanding of some of the characters and where they really came from.

Maeve is an attorney, who wants a change of life.  She doesn't want to continue down the path she has forged for herself, and therefore decides to take up a job in a remote lodge, hoping that no one will recognize her, no one will know her past, and she will be left alone and allowed to enjoy what she considers a normal life.

Not long after taking this new job as a kitchen help, matter of fact the very next day after she arrives at the lodge, she is put into a situation that will force her to fall back on the past she is trying to hide, in order to bring a killer to justice and help the lodgers who are stuck with her in the storm.  

Yes it's the usual whodunit, but it's filled with mystery, twists and turns and a really well told story that you won't be able to put down.  

Oh and if you think you know who did it?  You don't!  Hahahah
Thank you to TLC Book Tours and Level Best Books for providing me with a review copy.

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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed this! I'm reading it myself and I'm anxious to finish it to get some final answers! Thank you for being on this tour. Sara @ TLC Book Tours


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