Saturday, January 16, 2021

{ Five Senses Saturday - 01/16/2021 }


It has been a while, and I mean a whileeeee, since I've done my Five Senses Saturday.

It used to be a little feature I did every Saturday, because it helped me stay on track with my blogging, but didn't require me to think about what to write down, or if anything fun or interesting was happening to blog about.

Since I'm trying to be more consistent with my blogging, this year, I thought now was a good idea to pull this one back up.

February 10, 2017

♥♥ HEAR ♥♥

A pack of coyotes coming by our property.  (we have a lot out here in the country)
My water kettle boiling for our morning coffee.
All Creatures Great and Small playing on the telly.
Worship music while I'm driving.
Marley snoring next to me.

♥♥ SEE ♥♥

White frosted grass in the early morning.
Elliott climbing his tower.
The most beautiful sunrise on the way to drop off Jasmine.
My breath as I take Marley out to potty.
Soup bubbling on the stove.

Favorite crochet corner

♥♥ TOUCH ♥♥

The yarn as I work on my new blanket.
Elliotts long fur as I pet him.
My husbands face as I see him off to work.
The cold steering wheel of the car.
Soft fluffy biscuits as we eat dinner.

Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte

♥♥ TASTE ♥♥

Bubbly fruity water.
Hot coffee in the morning.
Chocolate orange that I have been nibbling on, little at a time.
Home cooked meal.
The bitterness of my allergy meds.

June 14, 2007


Crisp morning air.
Lavender Vanilla candle burning.
Olive oil, garlic and onion frying as I prepare dinner.
My husbands cologne.
French fries from McDonalds.


GranthamLynn said...

oh I like this. I loved your pics. enjoy the weekend. See you Monday.

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

! forgot about these posts. But always love them and how you did them! Thanks for sharing. 💕