Wednesday, January 13, 2021

{ Under the big ol' tree }

 Front Yard

There are days my mind wanders to years gone by. 
Places I lived, childhood memories, happy days and sad days.  Then it kind of gets stuck there for a while and I used to get frustrated, because I felt that I would get so stuck in the way things used to be, that it was hard to focus on the here and now.
The trick is to actually let it be.  Enjoy those moments of reflection, think back on them with love and affection and allow yourself the joy of reminiscing.
It just so happened a few days ago, that my great grandmother Ema popped into my mind, and I started thinking about all the time I spent with her, the stories she would tell me, the lessons she would teach me and what my childhood was back in those days.
From there, my mind started wandering and bringing back old memories, things I would do as a child, things I enjoyed or very much disliked.  To say that I was a lazy child would be an understatement.  Hahah
Matter of fact, my stepmom lovingly reminds me of just how lazy I was and how I did not enjoy housework at.all.  Me, the super happy homemaker, did not like homemaking.   

Just shows you how we change with age.

So one thing that came to mind, was how much I loved being outside in my back or front yard.  I had this fascination for trees, for the shade underneath.  I would take my dolls and a blanket and go sit under the tree, or I would lay back on the blanket and stare up at the leaves, seeing the sun rays cutting through, twinkling as the breeze moved the branches to and fro.


I don't know what my fascination was, but I thought of that and felt such a warm cozy feeling, along with a tug at my heart and an overwhelming feeling of homesickness.

You know that feeling, when you just want to go back in time to your childhood, or to a specific point in time?

I specifically remember one day, I was about 10 and we were going to visit some friends of my parents.  Everyone was getting ready, and I rushed so that I had some time to go out in the front yard.  I could see our big tree in the corner, as if it was beckoning me to come on over and sit underneath.

It was a hot summer day, and I had on a cute dress.  While everyone else got ready inside, I grabbed one of my dolls and a book and made my way outside.
I still remember the feeling of sitting up against the tree, my legs crossed in front of me, the doll to my side and the book in my hand.  I closed my eyes and just allowed myself to feel the warm air and smell the grass. 


Now, I don't know why that memory was the one that stayed stuck in my mind.  Why the tree, why me at 10?

And I think maybe it just means that I need to go back to enjoying the simple things, live more in the moment, shut down noise, grab the crochet, step outside for a few minutes and breathe in the fresh air, turn off the action movies or tv shows and watch good ol' family shows.

Maybe that's what we all need, more moments sitting outside under a tree, instead of inside consumed and surrounded by worldly news.


  1. I think "shut down the noise" is one thing I am definitely going to focus on this year...On the news the other day (here in NZ), there was a piece about second-hand book shops being on the rise as people are going back to the "old ways". I think more and more of us will be. Life is happier.

  2. I grew up in Wyoming where trees are scarce, so they were valued. There was a big tree in our back yard that we called the Shade Tree (I have no idea what kind it was). Many a summer afternoon was spent under it, and when we shucked corn or snapped beans for Mom to can, that is where we did it. Great memories!


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