Sunday, February 18, 2007

Can I send some Rain your way????

It's one of those great long weekends!!!

I know a lot of people usually make big plans and go somewhere fun, but we usually stay home instead of going out into traffic and confusion. Nothing like staying home and relaxing while the rain pours outside.

I don't think I've seen this much rain in a long wake up and it's raining, you go to sleep hearing the lull of the raindrops hitting the roof while you lay snug in bed. I LOVE that!!!

Did you guys watch Grey's Anatomy on thursday night???
OH.MY.GOODNESS!!! I have yet to find a show that is so heartbreaking, I've actually starting keeping my Kleenex nearby when I watch it. The cast is amazing and the stories are so good, I just can't wait for next week.

I've been getting my Spring Cleaning list ready so that this week I can start on it. I have to get it done around dentist and WIC appointments, school functions etc. Does it ever stop???
Gone are the days where I can look around and think "boy I'm bored is there NOTHING to do?" it's more like "boy I could really use a nap".

I'm happy that my laundry is caught up though, not exactly put away, but it's clean and folded, some of it ready to be ironed and then I guess I'll spend the day tomorrow putting it away. Glad hubby is home so I can do it without little hands coming in behind me and unfolding all the laundry.

There's something wonderful about the smell of clean laundry isn't there???
Those warm fluffy towels straight out of the dryer, though I have to tell you, one thing I truly miss about home is hanging the clothes out to dry.
To me there is something unbeatable about that smell of crisp clean sheets drying in the warm's like a special scent to it, one you can't quite recreate using dryer sheets and an inside dryer.

But enough about towels and sheets, right now I'm sitting here while waiting for my Pork Roast to finish cooking, it's been sitting on the stove for 2 hours and the smell permeating the air is amazing. Every once in a while I hear from one of the kids or hubby "mmmm is it ready yet?".....though I think that last time it was actually me asking the question. Roast is a comfort food for me and perfect for a dark cloudy rainy day.
For dessert we're having some fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you, for dinner last night I decided to keep it light and made Warm Ham and Swiss Wraps. They were SO SO good, just perfect with warm ham and gooey cheese together with lettuce, cucumber and green onions and a dressing made of mayonnaise, mustard and celery seed....the kids loved them and it was a pretty healthy meal too. It didn't take too long to make and everyone was satisfied.

I'll post the recipe for you on my food blog tomorrow, I'm hoping to have an hour or so to completely update it and throw in a couple of new recipes.

Remember I've been telling you I was coming by to visit?? Well I ended up not doing so, but I'm sure I don't have to tell you that, you must have noticed the lack of comments on my part. My computer has been going haywire and doing weird things, like shutting itself down in the middle of something, lagging like crazy, or crashing and restarting while trying to get into my bloglines.

I've spent the last hour and a half fixing my computer and everything seems to be in running order so I'll be grabbing a cup of hot tea and some cookies tonight, and coming to hang out with all of you. Can't wait to catch up and see what everyone has been up to.

Right now, my roast is done, so I'm off to set the table and get things ready for dinner. Wish I could have stayed longer but time doesn't permit and besides I would rather get things all done so I can get back here earlier. I'll probably update my book blog too, I have been reading Lori Wick and she is just amazing so I can't wait to tell you all about it.

See you soon,


  1. It's weird how we don't live all that far apart and you get more rain and snow than we do. Hmmmm.... The rain today did smell good.

    And I KNOW that I can smell that pork roast. Oh I love that smell!!

  2. No rain please, but I do love that pillow! LOL!!

    Greys is driving me nuts! Do you think they can really let Meridith die?!? I hope not!!

  3. morning glory - It's really weird...but we've had rain for the past few days, it's frustrating because of the muddy footprints being brought into the house LOL Love the rain though :)

    Christy - thank you for dropping by, I'm coming by to say hi to you right now :) Grey's is frustrating but I don't think they will kill Meredith, they better not, after all it IS Grey's Anatomy LOL

  4. I love that vase in the picture!

    I grew up with my mom hanging all the laundry out on the line even in the winter before we got them fancy things called dryers. And your right nothing can duplicate that wonderful smell. The closest I've found is Fleecy Fresh Air. So naturally that's the one I use.

  5. Hi Sandra, I've enjoyed visiting today! I'd love to take up your offer of rain! Australia is experiencing the worst drought in recorded history! I love, love Greek food too, the pictures of the Greek Islands are beautiful!

  6. I love rain too and the breezes that bring in Spring!!! :) AND - laundry on the line!!!! I can't wait til summer time to do just that - hang out my clothes!

    Thanks so much for your sweet, sweet comment to my latest post! It is nice to know I don't struggle alone!!! :)

    Have a super week!

  7. Dont get too jealous...,my house is COMPLTELEY clean..and I'm leaving today so we wont mess it up...Madison is out of school and took all week to get it like good luck girl.

  8. Thursday can't get here soon enough for me either!

  9. No thanks to the rain, Sandra, but I'd sure be receptive to an invitation to dinner at your place. :-)

    I don't want to talk about spring cleaning. Sigh. I started off like gangbusters and screeched to a half - so I'm back at it. Ridiculous, really, how long it's taking me to get this accomplished. And it would be a lot easier if there were no one around here messing things up as quickly as I get them clean. LOL

  10. Hey Sandra! I love the sound of the rain as it beats on the roof and windows!
    Spring cleaning?!?!? Maybe I need to make a list as well. lol


  11. Sandra, Your dinner last night sounds so good, I will have to try that one. Yes I watch Gray's A... and it is wonderful. A little sad the other night....I thought for sure she would wake up..I heard that another one of the regulars will also be gone soon. Good luck with the spring cleaning.


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