Saturday, February 24, 2007

Good morning everyone, since I had no opportunity to do this post on friday, I thought I would take you on a weekend trip. So let's head out, grab your bags and let's head to Port Elizabeth in South Africa.

It was one of my favorite places to go on vacation and I would love to take you all with me....


Port Elizabeth has about 1 million inhabitants and is located on the Indian Ocean about halfway between Cape Town and Durban. The city is beautifully set along the beautiful shores of Algoa Bay.
In and around the city you will find scenic nature trails and wildlife experiences, long golden beaches, historic heritage and a unique coastal climate: that seems like enough to come here. The calm waters of Algoa Bay, its shores lapped by the warm Indian Ocean, make Port Elizabeth a Mecca for all beach and watersport activities.

Port Elizabeth enjoys more sunshine hours and fewer rainy days than any other coastal city in South Africa. The city boasts a moderate climate all year round with sea temperatures ranging from 16 degrees C in Winter to 23 degrees C in Summer. The average temperature for Summer and Winter are 25 degrees and 17 degrees respectively - truly an ideal place to holiday! In winter, catch the supertubes at he world famous surf spot in Jeffrey´s Bay, about an hour from P.E.

Greater Port Elizabeth is a great base for exploring the Eastern Cape: the famous Garden Route, Settler Hinterland and Sunshine Coast are all within reach.

Port Elizabeth’s greatest asset is its clean and beautiful beaches. Water temperatures vary between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius during Summer and 14 to 19 degrees Celsius during Winter. The sea conditions are generally calm in the bay, except when the South Easterly wind is blowing. All beaches are patrolled by fully-trained professional life guards. Apart from the more "mainstream" sports, a temperate climate, unspoilt beaches and the warm seawater make this city perfect for thrilling watersports opportunities.

Algoa Bay boasts 40 km of magnificent beaches and, with its perfect combination of warm water, calm sea and fair breezes, it is one of the best sailing venues in the world, and a mecca for all beach and watersports enthusiasts.

The Southern Beaches offer safe and sheltered swimming, body surfing, sunbathing, boardsailing, excellent waves and surfing opportunities as well as interesting inter-tidal sealife while the Northern Beaches offer vast stretches of sand and dunes ideal for long beach walks as well as providing superb angling and swimming opportunities.


The Valley Bushveld, less than an hour from Port Elizabeth, has a higher density of animals, birds and insects than any other similar area on earth. Guides take you almost within touching distance of Africa’s legendary wild game and you can experience the sounds and sights of Africa in a malaria-free environment. The evening silence may be disturbed by the howl of the black-backed jackal and each dawn, you’ll awaken to the call of bizarre birds. Much of the vegetation consists of succulent plants, loved by elephants, rhino, kudu and other animals. And they’re on call every day.


Jeffrey’s Bay

A picturesque town only 70km from Port Elizabeth. More than 30km of unspoilt beaches and safe swimming make Jeffrey’s Bay ideal for families. This is also one of the world's best surfing spots. Its legendary Super Tubes are one of the world's top ten breaks. There are also less demanding breaks, and for first-timers, there’s a surfing school.

For dry-land sports nuts there is golf, tennis, squash, horse riding, cycling and hiking. And if you’ve never tried it, lawn bowls is a true art!

Jeffrey’s Bay is world famous for seashells — over 400 types recorded. The Shell Museum, opposite Main Beach, leads you into the amazing world of shells. Local craftsmen offer delicate shell art.

End your day at the Walskipper Restaurant. Overlooking magnificent St. Francis Bay, this one-of-a kind restaurant has a beachy and informal atmosphere. The floors are of sand, the waitresses barefoot, fires blaze and good smells drift from the ‘braai’, or barbecue. It’s an eating experience not soon forgotten.



Amaxhosa Dancers in Port Elizabeth

Seaview and Seaview Lion Park

Addo Elephant Park


You know I can never leave without sharing some yummy food from the place we're visiting. So here you go, some South African recipes just for you, enjoy :)

Hertzoggies (Cookies)

South African Recipes


  1. Sandra, thank you for the sweet comment you left at my little blog!! :-)

    I loved Port Elizabeth, and I can see why you want to take your family back there this summer!! I would love to visit that beautiful beach and the Walskipper Restaurant. How much more fun it would have been, when I was a waitress back in the days, to be able to wait tables barefoot in the sand!! :-)

  2. What beautiful pictures. I loved the beaches and those dancers were fantastic. What a wonderful place. How blessed to have been there. Hugs.

  3. Such beautiful pictures, Sandra!! Port Elizabeth looks like a wonderful place to visit...I'm really enjoying these online trips!

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  5. that looks like a beautiful vacation spot!

  6. hi sandra -
    i just found the comment you made on my blog like 6 months ago. crazy... for some reason, it was hidden. anyway, just wanted to thank you for the encouraging words. i am now blogging again - kinda took a break while we moved to another state.
    take care

  7. I could really use a nice getaway. That looks so beautiful. Maybe some day!

  8. Ooo that was fun Sandra! Elizabeth Bay looks like the perfect holiday spot. I want to go to South Africa now! The big cats are so gorgeous too and the cubs, is that you Sandra holding one of the cubs?

    Looks like you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing your trip, it was nice to 'get away' for a few minutes!


  9. This sounds like so much fun. I know you have so much fun doing this I can just tell. The recipes sound great. Hope you all are well.
    Happy Monday gal.

  10. My husband loved living in Port Elizabeth. We hope to be able to go together when the kids are older.


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